The Tower of the City in Thailand

The tower of the city is an identity that aims to create symbols that want to convey meaning or show culture. At present, the city observatory or the tall buildings of the city. Became a major tourist attraction. This is a landmark that many tourists dream of because it is a symbol of that country or country.

The Tower of The City ( The government )

1. The Mukdahan Glass Tower, Mukdahan.

tower of the city

The tower is 65.50 meters in height, using a budget of 50 million baht (1996). This is an observatory with a height of 65.50 meters, built in 1996 in the royal ceremony of the celebrations. 50 years. A modern high tower And one of the symbols of Mukdahan province.

At present, the Mukdahan Glass Tower becomes an important landmark to the tourist attractions of Mukdahan province. And tourists can view both sides of the Mekong River in both Thailand and Laos.

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2. Nakhon Sawan Tower

tower of the city

Nakhon Sawan Province, 32 meters high (located on the hill), opened in October 2008. The tower is 32 meters high. There are 10 floors. The budget is 35 million baht. Close to Khiri Wong Temple, It is now a popular tourist destination for tourists visiting Nakhon Sawan.

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3. Chaloem Phra Kiat Tower, Sisaket Province.


84 meters in height, with a budget of 65 million baht. Located within the King’s Park HM the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary (Kluay Nam Kham Island). Mueang District, Sisaket Province that is the first water tower in Thailand. Considered a tourist attraction, the main point of Sisaket province.

4. Roi Et Tower


101-meter high building, 30 meters wide base, 20 meters wide, 200 million baht budget.

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5. The Tower at Suranaree University of Technology (SUT).


Named Suranapa Tower of Nakhon Ratchasima Province or Lotus Tower.

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6.Samut Prakan Tower


Height 179.5 meters in the area of ​​13,584.70 square meters. The project of Learning Park and Samut Prakan Observatory. This is located on the original 13 Rai 2 Ngan area of ​​8 square wah. Samut Prakan Province Total 593 million baht and Samut Prakan Municipality 54 million Baht.

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7. Banharn Chamsai Tower, Suphan Buri.


The tower height 123 meters, under the Chalerm Phat Queen Garden. Arising from the cooperation of the people Suphanburi Province together donated money for construction without using the government budget.

Moreover, Started when the tower and garden construction in June 2010, more than completed in October 1994, using a total construction budget of 250 million baht. At the same time, This is Major tourist attractions of Suphan Buri Province.

The Tower of The City ( The Individual )

8. Pattaya Park Tower


The tower is 240 meters high, located at Pattaya Park Beach Resort in the north of Jomtien. It is unique with the scenery around Jomtien Beach and Pattaya Bay.

In addition to having a viewpoint of the Pattaya sea. Moreover, in the surrounding area, there is an amusement park and water park of Pattaya Park Hotel. Serving tourists as it is one of the important landmarks in Pattaya.

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9. The Tower at the Terminal 21 – Korat.


Korat City Observatory SKYDECK has a height of 110 meters from the ground level. If compared with the building, it is approximately 34-35 floors high. The design inspires by the aircraft control tower.

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10. The Tower of Bangkok 


Bangkok City Hall that worth 4,000 million baht by the City Foundation Observatory for construction investors. Bangkok Tower located next to the Chao Phraya River, Khlong San District. The height of the tower is 459 meters. The building has an area of ​​about 4-3-15.3 rai. The sacred center is a learning center and perspective.

The objective is to be a learning center for the Master of Science and an important place for new tourist attractions. Distinguished in the identity of the Thai people Which is an important symbol of the era with advanced management, according to the policy of the Thai government 4.0. Moreover, students invited to participate in the construction process. To strengthen the intellectual infrastructure of the new generation of Thai people as well.

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