15 Things to do in Pattaya 2019

15 Things to do in Pattaya, Recommended the things to do in Pattaya 2019. The latest activity in Pattaya, visit Suan Thai Pattaya and many places as follows

#1 Suan Thai Pattaya

things to do in pattaya

Suan Thai Pattaya, a place that collects Thai styles in every type in this place. Which the Suan Thai Pattaya call here the kingdom of Thailand. While created in the area of ​​more than 250 rai and filled with Thai art, traditionally the culture of all 6 regions.

suan thai pattaya
Interesting things within the Suan Thai Pattaya is the Thai Garden, a 99-meter long tree tunnel which gathers various species of trees and beautifully decorated. There are also elephant camp zones, waterfalls and Naga caves, the Thai way of life community, King of Science zone And the floating market in Thai way of the 6 regions

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#2 Silver Lake Vineyard

things to do in pattaya

The vineyard is spacious, close to nature, good atmosphere, located in the middle of the mountains. And not far from the sea There are many kinds of trees and flowers on the farm. Suitable for rest and take beautiful pictures. And inhaled the fresh air at the vineyard there are also restaurants that serve the tourists. The shop decorated in colorful colors and the atmosphere of the shop is able to see the view as far as the eye can see. In addition, there are activities for tourists, such as riding a tram to see the farm, riding a mountain bike to see the vine. Or the elephant ride to see the atmosphere on the farm and in the evening, tourists can still sit and watch the sunset in the middle of the lake as well.

#3 Koh Sichang

koh sichang

Koh Sichang is a small, quiet island suitable for tourists who like to relax. Because it is quite peaceful, the sea is beautiful, clean. Moreover, there are many places to visit. There are also stories and places of history from the Ayutthaya period.

#4 J Park Sriracha

things to do in pattaya

A new tourist attraction is in Sriracha. In which the interior simulates the atmosphere Houses and decorations in a Japanese style. In addition, there are Japanese restaurants, ice cream, desserts in Japanese style. While the surrounding area is koi ponds

#5 Bann Sukhawadee

things to do in pattaya

Bann Sukhawadee was built in the year 2000 on an area of ​​12 Rai and has a 400-meter long beach, but now has an area of ​​more than 80 Rai and consists of many buildings to visit.
In addition, there are many sacred things to worship, such as the Lord Buddha, Pang Born, Phra Mae Kuan Im, King Taksin the Great, etc.

#6 Chakri Naruebet Royal battleship

things to do in pattaya

Chakri Naruebet battleship Park alongside Chuk Samet Pier Sattahip Naval Base Which is an aircraft carrier and helicopter of the Royal Thai Navy It is also the largest warship in the Thai navy. Which is open daily to visit from 09.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs free of charge

#7 Khao Kheow Open Zoo

khao kheow open zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is a large zoo. Inside is divided into 10 zones, such as the hippopotamus, large birdcage, Limer land, etc. There are 6 animal shows such as elephant swimming, penguin parade, etc. The zoo is in Bang Phra Subdistrict. Si Racha District, Chon Buri Province

#8 Sriracha Tiger Zoo

things to do in pattaya

Sriracha Tiger Zoo was born from inspiration. And is committed to making Sriracha District, Chonburi Province to be the most famous tiger and crocodile breeding area for tourism in Thailand Located on an area of ​​over 250 rai. Open daily from 08.00-18.00 hrs.

#9 Mimosa Pattaya

things to do in pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya, the shopping-eating-traveling atmosphere under the concept of “The City of Love”, is unique to Colmar’s architecture. France Ancient city that ranked 1 in 10 romance in the world.
In addition, the interior of the shop building decorated in bright colors. On an area of ​​over 50 rai, located on Sukhumvit Road, opposite the Ambassador City Hotel Jomtien, Na Chom Thian Subdistrict, Sattahip District Chonburi province

#10 Pattaya floating market

pattaya floating market

Floating market of the 4 regions is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pattaya. Because it is a famous and charming market in Pattaya For those who like to travel in the ancient Thai atmosphere, do not miss. In addition, this place considered an eco-tourism destination as well. At the same time, tourists can enjoy a boat trip to see the unique atmosphere of Thai teak houses. And can buy Thai desserts as souvenirs as well

#11 Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum

The company (Teddy Island) has invested funds to build a teddy bear museum that collects various cute teddy bears to be collected into a teddy bear museum. In which the museum has brought teddy bears to dress up beautifully and have a lovely atmosphere
In addition, the interior is divided into 14 zones such as Inuit Zone, Ocean Zone, Africa Zone, Tribal Zone, Inca Zone, Thailand Zone, Space Zone and many more. Which whether children or adults must be thrilled at the same time

#12 Koh Larn

koh larn

Koh Lan is an island with clear water, only 7 kilometers from the coast of Pattaya. There are coral and white beaches. And not far from Bangkok as well In addition, on the island, tourists can rent a motorbike from the accommodation to ride around the island. At the same time, can snorkel and see coral at Thong Lang Beach as well.

#13 Pattaya Sheep Farm

things to do in pattaya

The biggest sheep farm tourist attraction in Pattaya With an area of more than 100 rai that allows everyone to stay in the family all day long. In addition to the sheep, there are also many other cute animals of various species. That can walk, learn, feed and experience closely.

#14 Ramayana Water Park

ramayana water park

Ramayana Water Park The largest water-cooled amusement park in Thailand, with a shady atmosphere. Modern amusement park and there are more than 50 slides to choose from. The water park creates an atmosphere similar to the sea. There is both a large standard swimming pool and giant waves. To feel like you are swimming in the sea In addition, the water park is designed and built with world-class standards.

#15 Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone is the world’s first Cartoon Network themed water park. Located at Na Chom Thian Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chon Buri Province, Thailand, 15 kilometers from South Pattaya. In addition, the water park is a replica of the Amazon rainforest Which consists of a variety of rides and activities including simulated sea slides, rafting, flow rider, as well as performances and parades of characters from many of the popular cartoons of the Cartoon Network, such as Be Ten The Powerpuff Girls, etc.