The best month to visit Thailand

the best month to visit thailand

The best month to visit Thailand: In fact, tourists can visit Thailand all year round. It depends on the destination in Thailand.
While the tourist season in Thailand during the high season is during November – March, while the peak season is December 24 – beginning of January. In addition to all of the above is the low season. However, this article suggests the best month to visit places in Thailand to enjoy each season.


best month to visit Thailand

Andaman sea
During this month there is no monsoon. In addition, the sea is quite calm. The tourist attraction suitable for January is the Similan Islands. Surin Islands, Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi Sea, Trang Sea down to Tarutao Islands

Gulf coast
It is the best time for diving in Pattaya, Sattahip, Samae San, Koh Chang including Koh Tao and Chumphon sea.

February – March

best month to visit Thailand

During these 2 months, the tourists can travel by sea to all areas of Thailand. Both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea

Andaman is Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Phi Phi, Krabi, Trang, such as Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Ko Kradan, Koh Rok, Tarutao, Laoh Leung, Adang, Rawi, Koh Lipe, Khai Island.

The Gulf of Thailand such as Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Ang Thong Islands, Pattaya, Sattahip, Samae San, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Kood, etc.


best month to visit Thailand

This month, a storm will blow from the Bay of Bengal. Entering the upper southern part in the middle of the month, causing strong wind and high waves in the area of Similan island And Surin Islands on some days.

Southern Andaman Sea, from Phuket, Phi Phi, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang. Islands in the Trang Sea. Down to Tarutao Islands Therefore this is the most attractive area.

As for the Gulf of Thailand, There are some waves in the sea. But has no effect on Traveling around Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Chumphon or the upper sea such as Pattaya, Sattahip, Samae San, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, and Koh Kood.


best month to visit Thailand

Andaman sea
This month, monsoon winds blow towards the Andaman Sea coast. From the beginning of the month to the middle of the month. On the other hand, it does not affect the Gulf of Thailand both upper and central.

The areas of the Gulf of Thailand, such as Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, and the Chumphon, can visit and enjoy diving as well.

June – July

best month to visit Thailand

From May to October, There will be monsoon winds blowing over the coast of the Andaman Sea during this period, therefore the tourists should refrain from traveling to the Andaman Sea.

The area suitable for tourism is The entire area of ​​the Gulf of Thailand, both upper, middle and lower, such as Koh Larn, Koh Samet, Mun Island, Koh Chang, etc.

August – September

best month to visit Thailand

Monsoon winds still influence the Andaman Sea. Causing strong gust of wind And continuous rain.

The suitable sea for traveling during this period is Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Samui, Ang Thong Islands.
As for the upper Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya, Sattahip, Samae San may have strong wind and high waves on some days.
For Southern of Andaman Is still the same as June to July


best month to visit Thailand

The monsoon wind began to weaken but there are still some. This month is considered the first month of opening the Andaman tourism season. While the waves are 1-2 meters high.
In addition, beginners should not be diving during this period. On the other hand, not a problem for experienced divers.

The central Gulf of Thailand is influenced by tropical cyclones. Causing wind and rain in Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, and Koh Samui


best month to visit Thailand

Areas suitable for tourism in this month are the Andaman Sea, both north and south, the upper Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya, Sattahip, Samae San, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Kood

As for the middle and lower Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Samui should stop tourism in this area.


best month to visit Thailand

This month, able to visit the sea in all areas of Thailand. Both Andaman and North to South. In addition, the upper Gulf, central and lower Gulf of Thailand

Thailand Apart from the beautiful sea, there are other interesting places.
In addition, tourists can find the best places to visit during the rainy season and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful sea of mist as well.


Koh Racha

koh racha

Koh Racha located south of Phuket. Consisting of Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, Which about 6 km away from Koh Racha Yai.
Koh Racha Yai has a total of 5 bays, Such as West Bay or Patok Bay, Siam Bay, Ao Thu, Ao Lah, and Khon Khae Bay.

koh racha

In addition, an island with clean beaches. Including shallow coral reefs and deep water for tourists to experience the beauty of the underwater world.
Moreover, traveling around the various bays on Racha Yai Island can be conveniently done Because there is a walking route to explore nature around the island It only takes about half a day.

What to do in Koh Racha

koh racha

Patok Bay

The most beautiful bay on Racha Island. In addition, there is a soft, clean white sand beach that is suitable for relaxing. And the tourists prefer sunbathing at this beach as well.

koh racha

Ao Siam

Located in the north of the island and is the longest bay of Racha Yai Island Which takes 5 minutes to travel from Pahang Bay. In addition, the beach is quite quiet. At the same time, it is a beautiful snorkeling source for snorkeling. Can watch the coral on the beach without diving

Ao Lah

The small beach is about 10-15 meters long Which is the most beautiful diving spot of Racha Yai Island.

Ao Khon Khae

This bay is one of 3 beautiful and complete dive sites of Racha Island.

All of the above are the attractions in Koh Racha. But the most popular are Ao Khon Khae, Ao Siam, and Ao Lah which the most beautiful dive site of Koh Racha.

On the other hand, Racha Noi Island has more rocks than the beach. Therefore not suitable for swimming, but suitable for scuba diving due to the abundance of fish. There are also famous fishing sites as well.

Most tourists prefer to visit Racha Yai Island due to the clean white sand beach. With beautiful coral reef diving spots Both snorkeling spots and scuba diving spots With about 15 scuba dive sites, so when it comes to visiting the Koh Racha, it is generally referred to as the popular Racha Yai Island. And considered as the tourist center of the Koh Racha.

Usually, the scuba diving requires a certificate first to dive. But at Racha Island, there is a Try Scuba Diving service, which is a normal person who can dive deep. With no need, the scuba diving certificate. Can use the service By having teachers teach about various diving equipment and techniques.

Recommended Koh Racha hotels

The Racha

koh racha

Getting the world-class service experience at The Racha. Which located along Patok Beach, offers luxurious villas with breathtaking sea views. A 35-minute speedboat ride from Chalong Bay, this peaceful resort has an outdoor pool.

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The Racha Island Resort


Offers an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a fitness center, and a bar. Complete with a private bathroom equipped. Moreover, Buffet and American breakfast options are available every morning at the accommodation.

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Koh Samet

koh samet

Koh Samet is in the area of ​​Khao Laem Ya National Park – Koh Samet. It is a famous tourist destination of Rayong. At the same time, that is popular with both Thai and foreigners. In addition, there is an area of ​​about 3,125 rai. On the other hand, on Koh Samet without rivers and canals. It is mountainous and roughly 80% of the area. Tourism season starts from October to April.

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What to do in Koh Samet

Sai Kaew Beach

koh samet

Fine white sand beach, soft toes. In addition to being the most beautiful beach on Koh Samet. And also the most bustling beach as well.
Moreover, there are both resorts, restaurants, water sports activities. And many pubs and bars are lined up on the beach. Perfect for those who like the nightlife. At the same time, at this beach. There is a show of wielding a light baton on the beach every night.

Ao Phai

koh samet

Ao Phai is next to Sai Kaew Beach. Which is located on Sai Kaew beach, can walk to Ao Phai Just crossing the rocks
In addition to Ao Phai, it is a small bay. With a slightly rough beach But there are clear and clean seawater to swim
On the other hand, may not be bustling as Sai Kaew beach. Which is suitable for relaxation, reading, sunbathing. Moreover, there are inexpensive bungalows to stay.

Ao Tubtim or Ao Phutsa

koh samet

Is a small beach that is only 200 meters away from Ao Phai. The atmosphere is quiet. There are 2-3 small resorts. The beach is not very wide. Those who come to rest here are mostly foreigners.

Ao Nuan

koh samet

Next to Tubtim beach Which is a beach that is not very large. In addition, the beach is a bit rough. Due to the presence of shellfish remains. And this beach rarely has an area for swimming.
Therefore suitable for people who like simplicity and calm because Ao Nuan does not have the amenities.

Ao Cho or Ao Lung Wang

koh samet

White sand beach Suitable for swimming. Moreover, there is a unique identity of Koh Samet. Because there is a bridge that extends into the sea. Which tourists prefer to take pictures together
Getting to Ao Cho Come to the boat at Ao Vongduen. Then walk up to about 100 meters.

Ao Vongduen

koh samet

Ao Vongduen, the origin of the name Vongduen That is, the characteristics of the bay are shaped like a crescent moon. Meanwhile, This beach is another option, followed by Sai Kaew beach. Because there is a long beach that is very suitable for water activities.

Ao Vongduern is also lively as well as Sai Kaew Beach. In addition, the accommodation is varied and not expensive. Moreover, the restaurant and bar are also available in a variety of choices as well.

Ao Thian

koh samet

A quiet and peaceful beach. In addition, there is a natural and good atmosphere. Moreover, there is a clean beach, crystal clear water. And tourists are not crowded. At the same time, tourists come to snorkel and relax by the sea as well.
In the accommodation, This beach has a small resort in a steep area. Because it is located on a cliff in front of the beach

Ao Lung Dam

koh samet

Ao Lung Dam Next to Ao Thian Beach, The beach has fine sand but not very white. Besides being a peaceful and private beach. There are not many tourists. Therefore the accommodation is a homestay. At the same time, will experience the simple lifestyle of the villagers.
Getting to Ao Lung Dam, Take a boat to Vongduen Bay and take a minibus or walk as well.

Ao Wai

koh samet

Ao Wai is far from Na Dan Pier. Therefore rarely have tourists. Therefore this beach still has complete nature. Moreover, there is only one resort. But on the other hand, is a rather large resort Most of the guests staying are foreign tour groups.

Ao Kiew

koh samet

Ao Kiew, in addition to the spacious area, covers both the coast and west. Is also a very beautiful beach, unlike other beaches. At the same time, experience the atmosphere and beautiful nature. And moreover, is a beautiful sunset viewing point. It is also a beach that can snorkel to see shallow-water corals as well.
Getting to Ao Kiew,  Take the boat from Ban Phe and get off at Ao Kiew Pier.

Coral Bay

koh samet

Although the beach here is not suitable for strolling. Because there are quite a lot of rocks. But can do other water activities such as swimming, kayaking or snorkeling. To see the perfect coral reef in this area

Ao Prao

koh samet

Located on the west coast of Koh Samet. The beach of Ao Prao is a beautiful, long beach. There are calm wind waves than other beaches. Moreover, People are not crowded, very private.
At the same time, there are only 3 resorts. In addition, this is a luxury resort. Worthy of a private beach. The activity of this beach is Sailing and kayaking
In addition to the privacy of this beach. Therefore no convenience stores and local restaurants.
Suitable for honeymooners or private relaxation. And perfect for those who do not want to travel outside the hotel area

Ao Noi Na

koh samet

It is very convenient to travel to Na Dan Pier. On the other hand, even near the pier. But people are not crowded. At the same time, here is still calm and quite private. Suitable for swimming in the sea. Or relax by the beach
This beach there is many options for accommodation as well.

Ao Look Yuon

koh samet

This is the location of the Koh Samet National Park Office. In addition, Can set up a tent. Moreover, it is a quiet and very beautiful beach. Due to the conservation of the nature of this beach well. At the same time, there are no local restaurants or convenience stores in this area.
If you want to experience the true nature on Koh Samet, Should stay at this beach.

Koh Kradan

koh kradan

Koh Kradan is the most beautiful island of Trang, Thailand. Located On the western side of Koh Mook and Libong Island, with an area of ​​600 rai, of which 5 in 6 parts of this island are in the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park.
In addition, Koh Kradan has fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that see coral reefs. Which shallow coral As well as colorful fish.

koh kradarn

What to do in Koh Kradarn

Around the island, there are 4 beaches on the island, including Koh Kradan beach. In the east of the island, There is a white long beach about 2 kilometers long in front of the beach. It is a popular point, the tourist comes to snorkel the coral. Moreover, from the beach, you can see Libong Island, Ring Island, Koh Mook and Ko Rope. There are also can watch the sunrise as well.

koh kradarn

Ao Chong Lom Beach Located in the west of the island, about 800 meters away, can walk up the hill to see the sun. In addition, see Koh Rok clearly.

Ao Niang Beach Located south of Ko Kradan Beach. It is a white sand beach about 800 meters long. In addition, the beachfront can snorkel. Which is all along the beach. In addition, this beach can see Libong Island.

koh kradarn

The last beach of Koh Kradan is Ao Phai, located on the north of the island. Is about 200 meters long white sand beach. In the other hand, the front of the beach without coral reefs. But can see Ko Rope Island, Koh Rok, Koh Mook as well. In addition, you can admire the beautiful sunsets.

For traveling to travel to Koh Kradan Can do both chartering the boat or go on a One Day Trip tour.

Recommended Koh Kradarn Hotels

Coral Garden Resort

koh kradarn

koh kradarn

The Reef Resort

koh kradarn

koh kradarn


koh kradarn

koh kradarn

What to do in Rayong


Rayong is a small province in the eastern part of Thailand. In addition to a beautiful tourist attraction, Have top fruit. There is also the main industrial source of the country as well. Moreover, Rayong has beautiful long beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. And world class beautiful islands such as Koh Samet.

Khao Prathum Cave Temple


Located at Khao Noi Subdistrict, Khao Chamao District. In addition to temples for religious practices, it is also a natural attraction.

The charm of this place is the outstanding rocky mountain. Inside the temple, there are valleys and small caves. During the dry season, tourists can walk to the cave. To appreciate the beauty of nature But if in the rainy season this route will become a small underground city Tourists must cruise through the cave.

Brookside Valley


Brookside Valley Resort welcomes tourists with beautiful landscapes in the middle of a 500-rai valley. Exotic with over 300 candy-colored houses. And lakes of over 30 acres. In addition to taking pictures of scenic spots and attractions, there are also activities such as swimming pools, fitness, boating, cycling water in the lake, riding an ATV, etc. Moreover, visiting plantation the Hygienic Plantation from Brookside Hydro-Green.

Koh Samet


Located in Phe Subdistrict Mueang Rayong District. Which is only 6.5 kilometers away from Ban Phe shore. At the same time, can easily travel by bus from Bangkok.
Koh Samet stands out with natural attractions. The beach is beautiful, quiet, crystal clear sea, able to swim to see the coral closely.
It is also the location of Khao Laem Ya National Park – Koh Samet. Which a view of the golden yellow meadow by the beautiful sea.
Interesting attractions on Koh Samet, such as Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Phai, Ao Phutsa, Tubtim Bay, Nuan Bay, Ao Cho, Vongduern Bay, Thian Bay, etc.

Where to stay at Koh Samet

Khao Laem Ya


Interesting tourist attractions within the Khao Laem Ya-Ko Samet National Park. This area has a ground that has a pointed shape extending into the sea. Influenced by strong winds, causing any seedlings that do not grow with only grass.
Activities here are natural walking trails. And have a tent area.

Koh Man Islands



Located in Kram Subdistrict, Klaeng District. Consists of 3 islands, namely, Koh Man Nai, Koh Man Klang, and Koh Man Nork. With a total area of ​​approximately 131 rai, each of which has different beauty But has a beautiful sea And clean white sand beach as well With a quiet atmosphere good for relaxing. Especially the island in the area of ​​the sea turtle conservation project
Visitors can visit the pond. But on the island it is in no accommodation There are only on Koh Man Nork and Koh Man Klang.

Phala Beach and Phayun Beach

Phala Beach and Phayun Beach are located in Phala Subdistrict, Ban Chang District. The beach is not far away from each other. Which a beach that is beautiful and not lost anywhere in Rayong. There are pine trees providing shade throughout the beach. Along with many delicious seafood restaurants. Importantly, tourists are not many. Can come to relax in a quiet atmosphere

Where to stay at Phala Beach

PMY Beach and Saeng Chan Beach


PMY Beach and Saeng Chan Beach Located in Noen Phra Subdistrict and Pak Nam Subdistrict Mueang Rayong District. This is a sea attraction that should not miss. In addition, the coastline has a beautiful appearance. Because there is a rock line to protect the waves and seawater along the beach Resulting in a small semi-circular sand beach, unlike the beach anywhere. There are also many delicious seafood restaurants open on the beach.

Mae Ramphueng Beach

Mae Ramphueng Beach is about 11 kilometers from Rayong. From Sukhumvit Road, There is a junction at the right, at Km 229, into Mae Ramphueng Beach. The beach is 12 kilometers long. In addition to much accommodation for tourists. There is also the beach that perfect for swimming. Because there is a slight slope But should extra careful Because the central area of ​​the beach has a vortex.
Moreover, it is also a viewing point and watching the sunset. That can see Mae Ramphueng Beach and Koh Samet at the same time.

Pak Nam Rayong


Located 5 kilometers south of Rayong town. This is a famous fish sauce production site. In addition to the fishing community, There are also seafood stores.
Interesting things to visit here Is to experience the atmosphere of Pak Nam community. From Pak Nam Temple to Pak Nam area, There is a dense fishing community, There is a small pier, waiting for fresh fish from a large fishing boat.

Cape Mae Phim

Located in Klaeng district 48 kilometers away from Rayong city. There are beautiful beaches. Suitable for playing water and don’t strong waves. Moreover, on the beach, there are many water activities.
There are hotels and restaurants along the beach. At the end of the beach is the location of “Printed Goddess Shrine”, a sacred shrine that worshiped the people of Rayong.

Khao Cha Mao – Khao Wong National Park


Khao Cha Mao – Khao Wong National Park Covering Khao Chamao District, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, including Kaeng Hang Maeo District Chantaburi province. This is a tourist destination in eastern Thailand. A complete rainforest condition, In addition to the origin of the upper reaches of Rayong Province. There are also abundant wildlife and beautiful nature.


Moreover, have interesting attractions. Whether it is Khao Cha Mao waterfall. The waterfall with clear stream supported below, which is 3 kilometers in length. Especially the Palace of the fish filled with antimony fish. Which a large freshwater fish that lives abundantly in that area.

The amazing cavernous caves. A cave in the middle of the limestone mountains. There are 86 beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, but allow to visit only 16 caves

Khlong Hin Phloeng Waterfall Sai Lek Waterfall on the Chanthaburi Province Is a waterfall with water flowing all year round

Rayong Khao Boat View Point

Located at Khao Boat Temple, Thapma Subdistrict, Mueang Rayong District. This is a viewpoint of Rayong city in a beautiful and high angle to take pictures. In addition to having a beautiful view of the surrounding nature and the sunset. There are also beautiful suspension bridges.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Koh Lipe

koh lipe

Koh Lipe is one of the most beautiful islands of the Thai sea. There is a clear blue sea, powdery white sand beach. Which called “Maldives of Thailand”.

koh lipe

Everything you need to know about Koh Lipe

There are 3 main beaches: Sunrise Beach (Chao Le Beach), Sunset Beach (Fishing Beach) and Pattaya Beach ( Bundhaya Beach) In addition to the beautiful beaches around the island, Lipe is also a famous dive site. Which can be both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Koh Lipe is located in the Andaman Sea, Satun Province, Southern Thailand. Which the territorial waters adjacent to Malaysia. And far 62 kilometers from Pakbara Pier.
The area on Koh Lipe is about 3 square kilometers. Consisting of 30-50 resorts spread across the island. Especially, along the beach.

What to do at Koh Lipe

Pattaya Beach

koh lipe

Pattaya Beach is the name that slightly distorts from original, Bandhaya. This beach is in the middle of the island and The busiest on Koh Lipe. Which near the pontoon in the middle of the sea. Ferry and speedboat from Pakbara Pier will be parked at this pontoon.
There is a long tail boat running in and out all the time.

Pattaya beach can swim. In addition to the beautiful beaches, clear water, There are also many beach restaurants. Most are open at night. The atmosphere is like Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet. In the same time, facilities in Pattaya Beach are much more than other beaches. Whether it is a convenience store, diving tour, restaurant and also the walking street Koh Lipe.

Recommended Hotels in Pattaya Beach

AKIRA Lipe Resort

koh lipe

Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe

koh lipe

Forra Pattaya Beach Front Bungalow

koh lipe

Sunrise Beach

koh lipe

Sunrise Beach or Chao Lay Beach is a beautiful beach on Koh Lipe. Located in the east of the crystal clear water island, white sand with pine trees giving shade throughout the beach. Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

The clownfish viewing point start from the Cast Away resort to Ban Koh Adang school. In addition, this beach does not have boat transportation like Pattaya Beach. The atmosphere is quite calm. Foreign tourists are sunbathing at the beach. There are many resorts and restaurants next to Sunrise Beach. If you want to go to Koh Lipe Walking Street, you just a short walk from Sunrise Beach. At the same time, you can see the sunrise in the morning at this beach.

Sunset Beach

koh lipe

The beach on the west coast called Sunset Beach or Fisherman’s Beach. Located opposite the island of Adang. There are beaches with rocks, beautiful views, and crystal clear water. At the same time, you can swim. On the other hand, This beach is quite peaceful. Very few tourists and There are not many resorts.
If you want to travel to Koh Adang on the opposite side, you can hire a long-tail boat as well.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

What to do at Koh Chang

koh kam

White Sand Beach


White Sand Beach is another attraction that Koh Chang should not miss at Koh Chang. This place particularly busy Because there are tourists from all over the world come to sunbathe and swimming. Causing both the resort and the restaurant to open many services.

Ban Salak Kok


Ban Salak Kok community is a small fisherman community in the southeast of Koh Chang. The distinctive feature here is the abundant mangrove forest. There is a stream that flows into the sea as a small channel. The outstanding activity here is kayaking. And the unique boat cruise to see the river, mangrove forest Experience the lifestyle of people in the community.

Klong Prao Beach


The highlight is the path leading to the marina. Surrounded by views of the sea Looking on one side is the mountains and islands Looking back, you will see a fishing village along the coast. When walking towards the end, you will see a white lighthouse. Perfect for posting and take some photos as well.

Khlong Plu Waterfall


Khlong Plu Waterfall It is one of the best places to visit Koh Chang. In addition to the beauty of natural forests that are well preserved It is said that the original name of this waterfall should be named “Khlong Phu Waterfall” according to the name of the mountain “Phu Pha Mek Sawan” located in the same area Which sounds well with the characteristics of the waterfall that is both high, large, has 3 floors and has water to play throughout the year

Mookkaew Beach


Mookkaew Beach This beach is quiet. Is a private beach At the beautiful white sand beach like a pearl In the evening, watching the sunset in a comfortable atmosphere with a gentle wind blowing with the sound of the waves. Is considered another recommended.

Bang Bao Bay


Bang Bao Bay is considered to be a place to visit Koh Chang. See another beautiful sunset on Koh Chang. And Bang Bao Beach is also a community of fishermen popularly known as “Bang Bao fisherman community”, which tourists who come to Bang Bao Beach Will see the simple way of life of small fishermen village

The Bang Bao Fisherman Village


This Bang Bao fisherman village is in the south of Koh Chang. The special feature here is that the houses of the villagers will build out into the sea. Each of which will post a pole in the water and build a bridge to connect to each other. Activities for tourists, therefore, are to buy goods in various shops, eat and buy a cruise tour, fishing the squid, diving tours along the islands.

Chao Pho Koh Chang Court


A sacred place where people on Koh Chang worship and worship for a long time. People on Koh Chang, including tourists traveling to Koh Chang Will, often come to pay homage to the goddess Ko Pho for the prosperity of life in the court. If you have any chance of finding or visiting the island of Koh Chang Do not miss to pay homage to Chao Pho Koh Chang for the prosperity of life.

The Kai Bae View Point


Kai Bae View Point One of the places to visit Koh Chang Which is the most beautiful viewpoint of Koh Chang. Most tourists who go to Koh Chang and turn right Must visit and take a photo at Kai Bae View Point, Koh Chang. With a red rocket postbox, which is a symbol of this viewpoint. The Kai Bae viewpoint will see pictures of the sea view. Beautiful Kai Bae Beach House And seeing views of 3 islands at the same time, Manok Nok Island, Man Island and Koh Yuak.

Mun Nok Island

koh man nok

It is suitable for tourists who want to live with nature. No television, no refrigerator inside the room, there is a power cut during the daytime. Therefore suitable to go to relax quietly with a favorite book and listen to the sound of the waves Or diving to see fish Can also see it at the front of the house.

Koh Kood

koh kood

Koh Wai

koh wai

Tha Nam Beach

lonely beach

Lonely Beach, the famous beach of Koh Chang, Trat, is a long sandy beach. The private atmosphere, people are not crowded, quiet, long beach to the end of the waterfront. Crystal clear water to play Distinctive features will have the nature of the forest behind him that is still perfect. Is a popular tourist attraction in Koh Chang. Foreign tourists are very fond of sunbathing.

Baan Chang Thai

baan chang

Baan Chang Thai at Klong Prao Beach There are activities for family elephant rides that can be done together. Tourism routes will pass through rivers and mountains. And bathe with the elephant The price is not very expensive. Suitable to be a place to visit here that brings families together.

Kham Island

koh kam

Kham Island can kayak to see or can use the resort’s long tail boat to see the beauty of the emerald of Trat sea. It is the nickname that guarantees the beauty of this island. Due to the clear waters of the emerald sea on the west side of the island, The white sands of Kham Island are clean and beautiful. Is a good place to visit here.

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