Pattaya ladyboy bars

pattaya ladyboy

Pattaya ladyboy, Another option for those who like a novelty. Pattaya ladyboy bars offer entertainment and a friendly atmosphere. The following is the list of ladyboy bars in Pattaya.

Sensations Bar

My Way Beer Bar

Located on Walking Street, My Way Bar is pretty well known. In addition, this bar has a strange layout, as it is one small area of a larger beer bar complex. High top tables near the front of the complex and a few pool tables in the back make up this establishment. While this is probably one of the less discrete venues, you might end up on someone’s video as you talk to a ladyboy, it is a good place to stop in for a drink and chat with the lovelies that work there.

Pook Bar & A Go-Go

pattaya ladyboy

Pook Bar Soi 6 is a great place to sit. In addition, it’s the biggest selection of LadyBoys in Pattaya by a long way. While located close to Beach Road end of Soi 6, this bar is large, spacious and very welcoming. The Lady Boys are all friendly and kind. With Pook having established two very reputable locations in Pattaya now, with Soi Bua Khao’s Swan House also being very popular, and both locations only hosting LadyBoys, these are going to be your venues of choice if Lady Boys are your fancy.

If its somewhere a little more secluded you are looking for, 6 Up, on the second floor of Pooks Bar Soi 6 is the perfect place. 6 Up is a Coyote Style Bar with dancing platforms, a nice bar area and give a more Agogo feel to the venue. There are always plenty of LadyBoys willing to show their move and dance for the guests.

There are clean and comfy rooms available on the upper floors for ‘long or short time’ stays. The drinks rate and room rates are reasonable. The venue is the best Lady Boy Bar by far in Soi Yodsak and Pook will ensure you have the best of time if you visit either of her amazing venues.

Baby Boom A Go-Go

pattaya ladyboy

As you approach the entrance, you may see a few dollies outside. It’s looking gorgeous and welcoming you into their place of work. Where they will provide you with a highly entertaining evening.

In addition, there is a red sign above the glass doors with the company name shining proudly and a blue curtain. Preventing noncustomers from viewing the excitement from within.

While passing through the curtain, you will grace with an excellent venue. In addition, red seating and tables surround the perimeter, with the walls adorned with mirrors, which provides a feeling of spaciousness. It also gives excellent views of those sexy stars on the show, covering every angle, no matter where you sit. There are a number of poles for the dancers to strut their stuff on. They will mesmerize you with their moves, whilst you enjoy a cold drink or two.

Along the upper walls, you will find prices of lady drinks freely advertised, should you be inclined to buy one of the girls for a drink.

Pattaya Obsessions


Duangjai Ladyboy Bar

pattaya ladyboy

This bar located in Soi Chaiyapoom or Chalermphrakiat 25, depending on your map. A sign above the venue makes it clear you are at the right place and as you approach the open-fronted venue, you will see bright red sign advertising rooms and prices. In addition, there are tables and barstools at the front at street level, which is great for those who like to people watch.
At the same time, the theme continues inside the bar with similar style seating. Additionally, you can sit at the bar and chat with the girls, which takes the capacity to around 30 customers.
While the bar area itself is adorned with black & white tiles, complemented by red walls and barstools. There is a pool table where you could if you wish, challenge one of the girls to a game of pool but there is a good chance you could lose.

Fantasy Lounge

Bars that are not as well known have their advantages, as they are quiet and are more often able to give a personal touch to the customer. Though, occasionally you do find popular bars like Fantasy Lounge, that are still able to give that arousal. Whether it be the ladyboys happily speaking with you or the owners getting a better understanding of what their clients prefer. Fantasy Lounge does well at making it personal.

At the same time, these women are truly epical. The name of the bar Fantasy Lounge is sure to stir with your fantasies. Being a popular bar, it is important for a business to operate according to the high demand. And well, this bar would not be as popular as it is without its stunning ladyboys. As beautiful as they are, they are equally friendly with lovely smiles that can make even the toughest of men blush in the face.

To see more, be sure to stop by Soi Soi Bukhouw near Soi Lenkee and Soi Diana. Best of all, these are some of the cities busiest streets, so if any issues on finding the location, be sure to ask around and a friendly face will be happy to bring or at least guide you on your way

Katoeys Are Us

69 Bar

pattaya ladyboy

The 69 Bar Pattaya is a ladyboy bar. In addition, there is a beer bar complex that runs between 2nd Road and Soi Buakhao.
It describes itself as “a Party bar with girls and ladyboys” but it is predominantly ladyboys hostesses with the odd “girl” working very infrequently. In addition, it is a small open bar with a free pool table. It gears itself towards holding parties and pool nights which are usually very well attended. The bar is not particularly easy to find unless you are familiar with the complex but the map below is accurate which should help you find it.

Ladyboy Nana Plaza, Thailand Ladyboy


Ladyboy in Nana Plaza, the best and most popular nightlife to see the ladyboy in Bangkok
Which aside from Ladyboy’s Bar There is also a genuine female go-go bar. At the same time, there are still many coyote bars.
Nana Plaza is considered a paradise for tourists and those who really like nightlife.

Check-In Bar

Chili Ladyboy bar

At Nana Plaza, there are large concrete stairs to the left. If you take the stairs you will find Chili Bar tucked under the next flight of stairs, right beside Rainbow 3 bar. At the same time, the Chili bar opened around 2015 but get a good following and compiled a nice crop of ladyboys. They seem to have gathered quite a number of ladyboys previously seen charades. Moreover, Chili Bar is a good size with one big long stage where the ladyboys writh for your pleasure. In addition, the pressures here for girls to sit with you and to buy lady drinks are quite high in this place. It was a 700 baht bar fine.

Chaos9 BKK

ladyboy, Chaos9 BKK

Recently moved back to Nana area to a spot further down Sukhumvit Soi 4 beside the royal ivory hotel. It is a smaller place with a lounge atmosphere that opens around 6 pm with some ladyboys arriving later.

Guess Ladyboy Bar


Guess Ladyboy bar is a sexy destination for your alternative needs in the Sukhumvit Soi 4 area. Known for its beautiful ladies and excellent drink prices, Guess offers you an alternative to the same old thing. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4, this venue is just minutes from Nana BTS station. In addition, Ladyboy lounge bar, run by ladyboy from noon. Open early afternoon until late.

Voodoo (Gogo Bar)


Located at Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit soi 4. They offer a playful and friendly post-op ladyboy gogo bar. Found on the ground floor of the Nana plaza. At the same time, Voodoo is Bangkok’s only post-op Ladyboy bar. In addition, they don’t actually like to advertise themselves as a Ladyboy bar as they get a lot of customers who mistake them as a girl. Moreover, some of the post-op Ladyboy here will even swear blind that they are real girls but if you are looking for some post-op action this is the place to go.

The hottest beautiful ladyboy in Thailand 2019

thailand ladyboy

Thailand Ladyboy, Now transsexual He’s already pretty, overtaking some women. If they don’t say it’s a ladyboy, then it’s definitely a woman. Let me introduce Thailand Ladyboy for 10 most beautiful as follows

1. Poi Trichada Petcharat

thailand ladyboy

  • Miss Tiffany Universe 2004
  • Miss International Queen 2004
  • The First Nine Fever Awards, Miss Queen Fever category, popular transgender women

In addition to being Miss Tiffany, She is also a superstar who is famous as far away as abroad. Which had the opportunity to work with famous people, In addition, her beauty has been in the top 100 of the most beautiful women in the world for 2 consecutive years

2. Mo Chiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin

thailand ladyboy

  • Miss Tiffany 2016

3. Yoshirin Radanuraphan

thailand ladyboy

  • Miss Tiffany 2017

Before she is Miss Tiffany, She is a famous idol on social media. Due to its outstanding cuteness Therefore it is not surprising that she will take the winner of Miss Tiffany competition

4. Rock Kwanlada Roongroteampha

thailand ladyboy

  • 1st runner up, Miss Tiffany 2017

5. Best Chanchanaphat Chimthong

thailand ladyboy

  • One of Thammasat University’s cheerleading team

6. Blossom Chanchanida Rungphetcharat

thailand ladyboy

  • The Face Thailand 3 contestant

7. Natt Nisa Manlertworaphong or Natt Sabud Phang

thailand ladyboy

  • The most famous blogger and Makeup Artist
  • Miss Mimosa Queen 2014

8. Hana Natachat Chanchiao

thailand ladyboy

  • The Face Thailand 3 contestant

9. Ling Ling Piyada Intawong

thailand ladyboy

  • 2nd runner up, Miss International Queen 2014

10. Belle Nanthita Khamphiranon

thailand ladyboy

She is famous for competing in Thailand Got Talent season 1