SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World (Clip)

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World, the largest aquatic park in Southeast Asia. Located at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Learning resources and tourism that provide tourists to explore and adventure underwater. In addition, the area divided into 12 zones for tourists to explore in SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World.

Explore Underwater World

sea life bangkok ocean world

Start from Rocky Hideout, Find the spider crab and octopus at the first glass tank in front of the entrance. Shark Walk, clear glass walkway which has 4 species of sharks, swimming. Can experience sharks closely. Next, Coral Reef, See the beauty of the fish and the color of the coral in a new glass tank that adds excitement to the children. And learn from the adventure in the underwater atmosphere.

Behind the Scenes

After that go to Behind the Scenes, Behind the actual work of the staff that is the aquatic nursery pond at SeaLife Bangkok Ocean World. Moreover, there is a special activity, Glass bottom boat In the large glass tank that shows the sea animals below. To watch many fishes closely, such as sharks, stingrays, etc.
In addition, the staff also show feeding the fish food from the boat as well.

sea horse

Then visit the Seahorse Kingdom, In addition, experience the rainforest atmosphere at the Tropical Rainforest. move to a new environment From under the sea to the rainforest. Include listening to the cool waterfall While walking across the wooden bridge in the rainforest with lush greenery
At the same time, it’s time to find the frog that camouflaged. And watch the large beautiful freshwater fish that swim in the side glass pond.

sea life bangkok ocean world

Then go to visit the Rock Pool, Experience the sea stars closely, just a few centimeters. In this zone can make visitors feel as really dive to see the sea stars. Rocky Shore in this zone showing Feeding African penguins Which are open for visiting several times a day. At the same time, can visit the beauty of the sea turtles swimming here as well. Explore the ocean through a glass tank that is over 8 meters high at Tropical Ocean Zone. This tank has beautiful tropical animals and coral reefs beneath the sea.

360-degree Tunnel Underwater World

sea life bangkok ocean world

Continue to travel to Ocean Tunnel, A large, 360-degree clear glass tunnel that is beautifully decorated in the atmosphere of Thai literature, Phra Apai Mani. Which simulates a giant lady, called “Phee Seur Samut” in the ocean. Next, Shark Shipwreck, Meet the shark again in this zone. Along with the atmosphere of the shipwreck. While children will learn and get excited with the sharks that swim in this zone

Penguin Ice Adventure

sea life bangkok ocean world

The last point adventure visits the Gentoo Penguins in Penguin Ice Adventure that walking or playing in the water show for those who come to see them.

In addition,  many activities for the tourists such as 4D Cinema, Behind the Scenes, Glass Bottom Boat At the same time, Dive with the sharks and Ocean Walker. For more information… Click! SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

Getting to Siam Paragon by Taxi, Tuk Tuk or BTS SkyTrain at Siam Station