What to do in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son Province Is a province in northern Thailand There are many distinctive features. Especially the terrain Cultural diversity And the diversity of the population from many ethnic groups
Due to the mountainous terrain, Mae Hong Son has many beautiful attractions. Especially during the winter season, there are many tourists traveling to this places as follow

The Lotus Flower Field

Mae Hong Son

Doi Mae U Kho lotus flower field is in Khun Yuam district. Mae Hong Son province is very beautiful. When the lotus flower is full of 500 acres in November to December, the lotus flower fields surrounded by complex valleys. As if bringing bright yellow throughout the area.

Ban Rak Thai, Chinese Village, Yunnan

Mae Hong Son

The atmosphere surrounded by mountains, the sea of ​​fog, blooming flowers and warm tea in Yunnan Chinese village. Surrounded by Mae Hong Son valley, the atmosphere here is like traveling to mainland China.
In addition to very good weather, the area of ​​Ban Rak Thai is suitable for growing good tea. And winter plants as well. This is a famous tourist destination for tea. And the famous food is pork legs, eaten with mantou.

Pang Ung

Mae Hong Son

This is a royal project of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. King Rama IX to promote career development And the well-being of minority people in this area, including the restoration and conservation of nature to be sustainable.
The atmosphere of this place has been dubbed as Switzerland in Thailand. In addition to the beauty of the tall pine trees Surrounded by a calm reservoir, Cool weather all year round Including swans that swim in the lake Is a very impressive image.

Pai Historical Bridge

Mae Hong Son

In addition to natural beauty, there are also stories of World War II history.
This bridge is an important point for the Japanese army to transport food supplies. And various equipment To enter Burma.
Today, this bridge has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Pai. In addition to the various exhibition signs That tells the history of this place On both sides, there are shops selling various souvenirs for tourists as well.

Where to stay in Pai

Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Mae Hong Son

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, which is not far from Mae Hong Son, for the people of the city. This is an ancient sacred place, formerly known as “Plai Doi Temple”, built with Burmese art.

Mae Hong Son
This temple is not far from Mae Hong Son. And when we walked to the viewpoint behind the relics, both will see the beautiful scenery of Mae Hong Son city clearly and worth the trip.

Kong Land, Pai Canyon

Mae Hong Son

Another tourist attraction, which considered a miracle from nature, is the Kong Lan or Pai Canyon. This mountainous area caused by soil collapse and wind and rain erosion in a wide area Until it formed a deep groove and steep cliffs Some of the ground has collapsed so much that it is only a narrow path Which the interesting place to visit.

Ban Santichon, Sea Fog, Yun Lai

Mae Hong Son

Yun Lai Viewpoint is located in Pai District. It is about 1.6 kilometers away from Santichon Village. Most tourists tend to sleep at Pai. And then in the dawn, gathered together for the villagers’ car at Santichon Village to see the sea of ​​fog.
In addition to this beautiful nature viewing point, There are also delicious items that should not be missed. That is hot tea with Mantou.

Su Tong Pae, The wooden bridge of Faith

Mae Hong Son

Su Tong Pae is a Thai Yai language that means praying successfully.
The name of this bridge comes from the intention of the villagers, monks and various faith groups.
Together, created for monks and novices from the Dharma Phu Sama Park and villagers in the area can travel conveniently Thus causing the bamboo bridge.

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