Ladyboy Bar in Bangkok

Ladyboy bar is in the world-famous entertainment center, Nana Plaza. Which located in the heart of Bangkok. With more than 40 bars, it is the best adult entertainment center in the world.

Temptations Ladyboy Bar


And they are proud to introduce you to the exciting Temptations Ladyboy Bar. Temptations have been completely refurbished and are located on the second floor on the right-hand side when you enter the Nana Plaza Entertainment Complex



Cockatoo is a famous ladyboy bar on Soi Cowboy. It is one of the best and longest places in this category. They know how to do really good marketing. But more importantly, they work great in recruiting the most attractive ladyboys in Bangkok. It’s located in Soi Cowboy, opposite the Baccara.



Obsession is one of the few bars of this type where you can enjoy a relaxed drink without the staff being too pushing (asking for drinks). If you’ve never visited a ladyboy bar then Obsession is a great place to just take a look and maybe more.



Casanova is a ladyboy bar located on the 2nd floor in the far left-hand corner. Compared to the other four ladyboys bars, the ladyboy in Casanova can be very aggressive for both drinks and for bar fines. So it’s not really for the newbie or the faint-hearted.

It was one of the first exclusively ladyboy bars in Bangkok and the first in Nana Plaza and features comfortable seating, big-screen TVs, and soothing ambient and dance music, which will keep you going through the night.



Probably the smallest but one of the finest ladyboy bars in Bangkok. This bar is always packed with customers and there are so many shemales that many of them have to stand outside on the balcony. There is one small stage with about four dancers at a time, but it’s really random.

It’s not a typical bar, means you don’t go there to watch the staff dancing but rather to pick one of the many, many super hot ladyboys, sit down, drink and play with them. This is really one of the venues I would recommend you go not too late (before 11 pm) or you might not find a seat and the hottest ladyboys will already be taken. It’s located on the 2nd floor of Nana Plaza in the left corner.