What to do in Krabi

Krabi, Thailand, The province is located on the Andaman Sea. It is 814 kilometers from Bangkok, along Highway No. 4 (Petchakasem Road). It covers an area of 4,708 square kilometers. Krabi consists of mountains, uplands, lowlands, over 154 islands rich in mangrove forests. Krabi town has about 5 km. the long river flowing into the Andaman Sea. At Pak Nam District There are also canals. Krabi Grand Canal And the little Krabi Canal. The highest mountain peak in Krabi province is Phanom Bencha mountain

Krabi Weather

Krabi There is a tropical monsoon climate. Which influenced by the southwest monsoon. And the northeast monsoon. It was the rainy season and there are only 2 seasons. – Summer is 4 months, starting in November. Until April – The rainy season is 8 months, starting from May. Until October.

Transportation Bangkok to Krabi

By Car, From Bangkok, take Highway 4 to Chumphon. From Chumphon, take Highway 41 through Lang Suan District, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province. Take Highway 44 to Amphoe Ao Luek. Then join Highway 4 again. The distance is 783 kilometers. About 9 hours 15 minutes

By Bus, From Bangkok at Southern Bus Terminal (Talingchan), Ticket Bangkok to Krabi. There are several times per day. spend journey time about 12 hours.

By Train, From Bangkok (Hua Lampong Station) to Krabi, they don’t have Krabi Station but there are 3 stations.

Pun Pin Station, Surat Thani, then go to Krabi by bus about 160 km.

Thungsong Junction Station, Nakorn Sri Thammarat, then go to Krabi by bus about 150 km.

Trang Station, Trang, then go to Krabi by bus about 138 km.

Last, By Plane

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Things To Do in Krabi

If you love to go the natural trekking and the waterfall, go to Khao Phanom Bencha National Park.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park


Phanom Bencha is another symbol of beauty in Krabi. The forest is rich in high mountains. Mist covered throughout the year. There is beautiful natural scenery such as streams, waterfalls, caves, and wildlife.

Phanom Bencha mountain, The peak is 1,397 meters above sea level. At the top, there is a scenic spot. From here you can see the panoramic view of Krabi town. The trail up to the top of the hill is through a dense rainforest dense



Huay Sakke Waterfall

Huay Sakke The waterfall is small. Clean water is all 3 floors, even a small waterfall. But it is very natural. Two sides of the waterfall consist of large trees. The forest is still fertile. It can be reached by foot from the National Park office about 300 meters north.


Huay To Waterfall

Huay To Waterfall is a large waterfall that originated from Phanom Bencha with 11 basins below. The first floor is a waterfall suitable for waterfalls. The atmosphere is natural. Adventurers may go to higher altitude waterfall. Most of the time, there are only 3 layers. And during the rainy season, there is quite a lot of flow. Especially the cliff.


The Activities

Nature walks, Rock Climbing, Study geology, Stargaze, visiting wildlife animals and birds

Than Bok Khorani National Park


Than Bok Khorani National Park covers an area of 64.3 square kilometers. There are many important aquatic animals such as shell, fish, crabs, Shrimp, grouper, red snapper, butterflyfish, parrotfish, Lizardfish, lionfish, cartoon fish, sea cucumber, sea star, jellyfish, sea anemone, Sea urchins, sponges, coral reefs, coral reefs, brain corals, and coral mushrooms.

Lot Cave

Krabi - lot cave

Load Cave is next to  Pee Hua Toe Cave about 300 meters. The cave is a tunnel. The middle is a wide channel passing through. The distance of about 150 meters in the cave is beautiful with stalagmites and stalagmites lined the tunnel. Outside the cave is a rich mangrove forest, creating beautiful scenery.

Pee Hua Toe Cave


Travel from the park office. Arrive Bo Tor Pier for about 6.5 km. By boat about 1.6 km to the ghost. It takes about 2 minutes (total distance is about 8.1 km). It is a mountain cave surrounded by water. The cave is divided into 2 large booths with original art paintings. Written in red, black, yellow, brown, yellow, brown, red or dark brown. 23 images were divided into 23 groups.

Koh Hong

Surrounded by turquoise waters. There is coral around the island. The Interesting spots include Bile Bay, a bay with a curved bay. Sandy white,  clear water with small fish. The beach is perfect for swimming.

Krabi - Koh hong

Hong Bay looks like a large natural swimming pool. The wall is surrounded by steep cliffs. A single entrance, about 10 meters can take the boat. Ground clean and smooth. Shallow and shallow Suitable for swimming It is also a place to dodge waves of fishermen when the storm blows.

Khao Kar Rose

From the park office about 17 km to Laem Sak. Travel by boat 10 km long limestone connected to the land. His character is a steep limestone, a source of paintings prehistoric about 3,000 – 5,000 years ago. From Laem Sak, It takes about 30 minutes.

The Activities

Nature walks, Hiking, Study geology, Stargaze, visiting wildlife animals and birds, Snorkeling, Canoe.

Phi Phi Island

Krabi Attractions

The Emerald Pool

Krabi Attractions

Krabi Attractions

Beautiful natural limestone cliffs emerald green water can swim among in the forest. At Khao Pra – Bang Kham Wildlife Sanctuary, the water in Emerald Pool can change color according to date, time and lighting conditions. Warm water from the hot springs is 3 hot water pools: Sa Kaeo, Emerald Pool, and Nam Pud Pool. Water temperature is 30-50 degrees Celsius.

The Emerald Pool is surrounded by nature trails. Filled with trees The distance is about 2.7 kilometers.

Emerald Pool is a popular tourist attraction of Krabi, one of the best Unseen in Thailand.

There are also “Bo Nam Pud”, which is natural ponds. And the origin of the emerald pool. It is about 500 meters from the Emerald Pool, which will be blue and blue water. It is a natural mineral water pool because of the large amount of tarnished water for a long time. Springwater is a source of mineral water. And the water sprung up.

Bo Nam Pud

Krabi Attractions

“Wat Tum Soue” or Tiger Cave Temple

Krabi Attractions

Krabi Attractions

Temple on the wondrous mountain of Krabi. The temple is just 9 km from the city center. The temple is on a flat surface and takes you up to 1,237 steps up the hill. Can see the scenery in The high view of Krabi and Often tourists will see the mist cover Krabi. It is not different from the north of Thailand.

Klong Thom Hot Spring

Krabi Attractions

Krabi Attractions

Klong Thom Hot Spring is one of the hot spring in Krabi.  The temperature of the water is not very hot. The average water temperature is about 40-50 degrees Celsius. The hot water flowing from the surface. Shady with wooden shade

Shell Cemetery 75 Million Years

Krabi Attractions

Located at Ban Laem Pho. Away from the city of Krabi about 17 kilometers, a rocky yard stretched into the sea. When you look closer, you will see the remains of the clam packed into a rocky beach by the sea. The cemeteries are the fossils of freshwater clams. The lithosphere and shale deposit. It is a large stone yard by the sea.

Dragon Crest (Khuan Sai)

Krabi Attractions

The nature trail is the natural forest. And beautiful, which is popular with tourists. Located in Nopparat Tara Beach-Phi Phi National Park

This Viewpoint should be trekking about 4 km. On bright days, The turquoise sea and the green forest reflect the beauty of nature. Someday, some fog covered the wind blowing cold throughout the day. In the winter, the weather is cool.

Phra Nang Cave Beach

Krabi Attractions

Phra Nang Cave Krabi is a beautiful beach. Mountain view, limestone and cliff walk to the end will meet the cave surrounded by white sand and clear waters. Day time is full. Both Thai and foreign tourists. At Phra Nang Cave Beach Suitable for swimming. Or do beach activities such as climbing cliffs, sunbathing, kayaking, sunset watching.

The National Park in Krabi

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

    Than Bok Khorani National Park

    Koh Lanta National Park

    Nopparat Thara National Park – Phi Phi Islands


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