Koh Racha

Koh Racha located south of Phuket. Consisting of Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, Which about 6 km away from Koh Racha Yai.
Koh Racha Yai has a total of 5 bays, Such as West Bay or Patok Bay, Siam Bay, Ao Thu, Ao Lah, and Khon Khae Bay.

koh racha

In addition, an island with clean beaches. Including shallow coral reefs and deep water for tourists to experience the beauty of the underwater world.
Moreover, traveling around the various bays on Racha Yai Island can be conveniently done Because there is a walking route to explore nature around the island It only takes about half a day.

What to do in Koh Racha

koh racha

Patok Bay

The most beautiful bay on Racha Island. In addition, there is a soft, clean white sand beach that is suitable for relaxing. And the tourists prefer sunbathing at this beach as well.

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Ao Siam

Located in the north of the island and is the longest bay of Racha Yai Island Which takes 5 minutes to travel from Pahang Bay. In addition, the beach is quite quiet. At the same time, it is a beautiful snorkeling source for snorkeling. Can watch the coral on the beach without diving

Ao Lah

The small beach is about 10-15 meters long Which is the most beautiful diving spot of Racha Yai Island.

Ao Khon Khae

This bay is one of 3 beautiful and complete dive sites of Racha Island.

All of the above are the attractions in Koh Racha. But the most popular are Ao Khon Khae, Ao Siam, and Ao Lah which the most beautiful dive site of Koh Racha.

On the other hand, Racha Noi Island has more rocks than the beach. Therefore not suitable for swimming, but suitable for scuba diving due to the abundance of fish. There are also famous fishing sites as well.

Most tourists prefer to visit Racha Yai Island due to the clean white sand beach. With beautiful coral reef diving spots Both snorkeling spots and scuba diving spots With about 15 scuba dive sites, so when it comes to visiting the Koh Racha, it is generally referred to as the popular Racha Yai Island. And considered as the tourist center of the Koh Racha.

Usually, the scuba diving requires a certificate first to dive. But at Racha Island, there is a Try Scuba Diving service, which is a normal person who can dive deep. With no need, the scuba diving certificate. Can use the service By having teachers teach about various diving equipment and techniques.

Recommended Koh Racha hotels

The Racha

koh racha

Getting the world-class service experience at The Racha. Which located along Patok Beach, offers luxurious villas with breathtaking sea views. A 35-minute speedboat ride from Chalong Bay, this peaceful resort has an outdoor pool.

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The Racha Island Resort


Offers an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a fitness center, and a bar. Complete with a private bathroom equipped. Moreover, Buffet and American breakfast options are available every morning at the accommodation.

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