Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is one of the most beautiful islands of the Thai sea. There is a clear blue sea, powdery white sand beach. Which called “Maldives of Thailand”.

koh lipe

Everything you need to know about Koh Lipe

There are 3 main beaches: Sunrise Beach (Chao Le Beach), Sunset Beach (Fishing Beach) and Pattaya Beach ( Bundhaya Beach) In addition to the beautiful beaches around the island, Lipe is also a famous dive site. Which can be both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Koh Lipe is located in the Andaman Sea, Satun Province, Southern Thailand. Which the territorial waters adjacent to Malaysia. And far 62 kilometers from Pakbara Pier.
The area on Koh Lipe is about 3 square kilometers. Consisting of 30-50 resorts spread across the island. Especially, along the beach.

What to do at Koh Lipe

Pattaya Beach

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Pattaya Beach is the name that slightly distorts from original, Bandhaya. This beach is in the middle of the island and The busiest on Koh Lipe. Which near the pontoon in the middle of the sea. Ferry and speedboat from Pakbara Pier will be parked at this pontoon.
There is a long tail boat running in and out all the time.

Pattaya beach can swim. In addition to the beautiful beaches, clear water, There are also many beach restaurants. Most are open at night. The atmosphere is like Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet. In the same time, facilities in Pattaya Beach are much more than other beaches. Whether it is a convenience store, diving tour, restaurant and also the walking street Koh Lipe.

Recommended Hotels in Pattaya Beach

AKIRA Lipe Resort

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Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe

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Forra Pattaya Beach Front Bungalow

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Sunrise Beach

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Sunrise Beach or Chao Lay Beach is a beautiful beach on Koh Lipe. Located in the east of the crystal clear water island, white sand with pine trees giving shade throughout the beach. Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

The clownfish viewing point start from the Cast Away resort to Ban Koh Adang school. In addition, this beach does not have boat transportation like Pattaya Beach. The atmosphere is quite calm. Foreign tourists are sunbathing at the beach. There are many resorts and restaurants next to Sunrise Beach. If you want to go to Koh Lipe Walking Street, you just a short walk from Sunrise Beach. At the same time, you can see the sunrise in the morning at this beach.

Sunset Beach

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The beach on the west coast called Sunset Beach or Fisherman’s Beach. Located opposite the island of Adang. There are beaches with rocks, beautiful views, and crystal clear water. At the same time, you can swim. On the other hand, This beach is quite peaceful. Very few tourists and There are not many resorts.
If you want to travel to Koh Adang on the opposite side, you can hire a long-tail boat as well.


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