Koh Hong

Koh Hong also knows as Koh Lao Pile Located in Than Bokkhorani National Park, Krabi. Which a small island that has very beautiful scenery. Consists of several large islands such as Koh Lao or Saga Island. Koh Lao Riem, Koh Pakka, Koh Lao Laing, etc. Which Koh Hong or Koh Lao Pile Is the largest southern island.

koh hong

Every March, this island will be a gathering place for many small fishes. That came together astonishingly Including the sea inside, which has a wonderful view on the other side of the archipelago
In addition, surrounded by blue sea water At the same time, there are coral and coral around the island.
There are two curves beach has rocks which divide the beach in the middle. The area is generally limestone. At the same time, the crystal clear water And White Sand Beach, In addition, there are both shallow and deep coral reefs suitable for diving and fishing.
Moreover, on the island, there are 400 meters of natural walking trails and canoeing around the island.

koh hong

Ao Hong or the sea inside, the spacious hall in the sea Which is like a large natural pond. In addition, The wall is a steep cliff like a room with only one entrance. Which about 10 meters wide. can go inside By cruising through the cliffs into the room. Within is a little mangrove forest And surrounded by mountains Like a mountain crater. At the same time, crystal clear water The floor is always clean and smooth. Moreover, Shallow and very clear Suitable for swimming. Also found a variety of colorful fish. In addition, is also a shelter for the wind of fishermen when has a storm.

What to do in Koh Hong

Koh Phak Bia

koh hong

a small island. On the back of Koh Hong. In addition, the sea is crystal clear and clean. Suitable for swimming At the same time, peaceful atmosphere, Shady A large tree on the beach. Phak Bia Island Although there is a beach that is not very wide. But there is a clean white sand beach. Which enjoying to swim and relax as well.

Koh Lao Lading or Paradise Island

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This island is a cliff. Which has a beautiful forest and there is a small beach line on the island
At the same time, the island is hidden under the rich nature. In addition, it is hidden by the beauty of the beach and the tranquility of privacy.
This island is the residence of a group of bird nest concessions. But still open the island for tourists to visit and relax At the same time, the island has a fine sand beach. Seawater clean and clear Moreover, here you can enjoy snorkeling, see colorful fish and coral.

Half-Day Trip Koh Hong Snorkeling

koh hong

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