Islands in Phuket

There are many beautiful and famous islands in Phuket. Which makes Phuket a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Many tourists come to Thailand to experience the beauty of this place, about 13 million people per year.

For the reason that Phuket has many beautiful beaches, including more than 10 beautiful islands such as Racha Island, Koh Hae, Koh Tachai, etc., which I will Present as follows

Koh Racha

islands in phuket

Located 15 kilometers from Phuket, divided into Racha Yai Island and Racha Noi Island. For Racha Yai Island Is an island with clean white sand, clear water, suitable for relaxing, swimming and diving at the island. Racha Noi Island The island is a hill with rocks suitable for deep diving. Because under the sea there are many abundant marine resources.

Koh He or Coral island

koh he

Near Phuket Island, It takes only 15 minutes by speed boat. With clean white sand, clear water suitable for swimming. There are many fish. In addition, there are many water activities such as the banana boat, parasailing.

Koh Tachai

koh tachai

Koh Tachai know as Maldives Thailand With beautiful scenery, clean white sand and fine powder like powder, clear blue sea, beautiful is a paradise on earth that should not be missed.
The island is located at the northern end of the Similan islands And not far from Surin islands.

Koh Kaewpissadan


Located about 3 kilometers from Promthep Cape to the south of Phuket Island, it is considered one of the most beautiful islands. Because it has not been seriously developed, resulting in the abundance of nature and the interest of tourists who want to experience the beauty of nature, which most tourists are Westerners

Coconut Island

koh mapraw

Koh Maiton

koh maiton

Located in the east of Phuket, Maiton Island can travel from Phuket Deep Sea Pier. Which this port is a cruise ship dock, a luxury that stops past to park in Phuket
Maiton Island is an island that looks like a long timber. About 9 km away from Phuket Take only a few minutes to travel to Maiton Island.

Similan Islands


Similan island Regarded as a beautiful island both on land and underwater There are many beautiful coral species. Can dive both shallow and deep water Can find rare fish such as whales, dolphins, moray eels. The most interesting months are from November to April. In addition, it will announce the closure of the island.
This island is a national park with an area of over 80000 rai.

Surin Islands


Surin Islands National Park, The beauty of the underwater world attracts visitors from all over the world to experience this fascinating sea world. Is the most prominent source of shallow coral reefs, In addition, he also watched the lifestyle of the Moken people. Which a gypsy who lives on the island for a long time as well.

The rest are small islands such as Bon Island, Rang Yai Island, Naka Noi Island, Koh Yao Noi, etc.

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