Grand Canyon Chiang Mai (Water Park)

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai, Formerly a private area received a concession to dig the soil for sale. From digging the soil into deep wells continuously To groundwater Causing a lot of water coming out of the ground

After that, the owner abandons the area. Combined with rain that has accumulated for many years Resulting in a large basin of emerald green, In addition, the surrounding ridge is similar to the Grand Canyon of America. Making people call it the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai in Thailand

grand canyon chiang mai

After many 10 years, Businessmen from Bangkok came to found this area. Therefore he creating ideas to create value for the area and offer opportunity people in the area to get a job

Therefore is the origin of the water park with large floating players on this area of ​​over 35 rai.

grand canyon chiang mai

grand canyon chiang mai

Grand Canyon Water Park, Chiang Mai

Grand Canyon Water Park, the most beautiful natural water park in Chiang Mai, with a size of 35 rai and full facilities. There are many play zones as follows

– 2 Rai of floating equipment

– Children water park and slides 50 cm and 90 cm deep

– Wooden boat kayaks

– Giant slider, length 10 meters

– 2 ziplines, 3 stations, a total length of approximately 400 meters

– Wakeboard

grand canyon chiang mai

And other facilities

– Separate male and female shower rooms

– Outdoor shower point

– Sunbathe beach

– Food court serving food, snacks, and beverages

– Coffee shop serving beverage, Bingsu

– Lockers for rent to store valuables

– There are gift shops There are swimsuits for rent and sale and there are waterproof cameras for rent.

In addition, can assure of safety issues. Because there is a standard life jacket from the Harbor Department At the same time, divided into three colors: orange for life cards, green for general customers. While blue color for those who can’t swim.
Moreover, LifeCard has been trained and has completed the training certificate.

Grand Canyon Water Park located on Chonprathan Canal Road, Hang Dong District. Open daily from 9 am. to 7 pm.