Gay Bathhouse, Gay Bar, Gay night club

Gay Bathhouse, Gay Night Club near me or Gay Spa near me should be the first word that you search on Google when arriving in Bangkok, Don’t you?

Bangkok is the perfect exotic destination mostly for Western men who are not able to reveal they are true colors back home. Violence against gays is virtually unheard of in Thailand. Gay tourist coming to Bangkok’s gay red-light districts can easily set aside their fears and be at ease.

Gay Night club – Silom

All aspects of Thai culture, entertainment and even in the sex industry accept Thai people. And most foreigners also surprised to know that Bangkok has a large number of gay populations. Even though women outnumber men 2 to 1. It’s a virtual gold mine for gay foreigners with an Asian man fetish. And they come to Bangkok to openly meet gay Thais in the bars and clubs.

The most popular place long ago you can guess and the answer is yes. Patpong is the place where you come alive. But also the price as well. Within Patpong, there are 3 popular tourist attractions for gay nightlife.

Duangthawee Plaza on Soi Pratoochai, Silom Soi 4 and Silom Soi 2

Silom Soi 4 is primarily a gay street that has several fine restaurants and gay bars. That is the place to be before heading out to the nearby gay night clubs in Silom Soi 2 that has several gay night clubs. With the most popular DJ Station.

Check out the most popular gay bars and clubs in Bangkok


gay, the stranger

The Stranger Bar & Lounge Is a gay drag show bar, this is a fun and Stylish place located in the main gay area in Bangkok. With a DJ most nights playing pop Top 20, dance, disco music.

It was born from an Irish Drinker Mr. Sean Lestrange in Partnership with Miss M Stranger Fox, Bangkok Drag Queen. We’re Stylish Fun New Blood located on Silom 4.


gay, white rabbit

The White Rabbit is a gay bar-cafe with cafes, restaurants and lounge bars. Located in a 3 floors building located in the heart of Bangkok’s gay nightlife district. It is a relaxing place for socializing with friends or finding new friends that are popular among children and tourists.


gay, tawan bar

Tawan Bar – The famous Gay go-go bar in Thailand, established since 1987. By that time, a number of gay bars were opening gradually. Consequently, they tried to make it different from others by promoting Tawan as a center of muscle men bar in Thailand. It has gained fantastic feedback so far. So you can find more than a hundred of handsome muscle men, and enjoy the erotic shows every day start from 10.45pm onwards.


gay, jupiter 2018

Jupiter 2018 is a men’s gay bar in Bangkok. It does not show the erotic dance performances of the great GoGo boys. Live performances are worth watching if you’ve never seen them before.
The bar moved to Silom Soi 4 in 2017 and the entrance fee for bars and drinks is more expensive than other bars in the area because it’s worth it if you get in touch


gay, connection

Connections gay bar is located in the heart of the gay area offering a large outside terrace and a small but fun bar inside. The staff is friendly and fun making this a good place to have one drink or two, Connections gay bar hold regular party nights.


gay, 4 sport's

If you want to catch that football game, why not look at the 4 sports bars with a beer in hand. This fun gay bar serves TV screens for the latest sporting events, pool tables, and outside terraces.


Notice: Who those like to visit Ladyboy gogo bar, I recommended Nana Entertainment Plaza. There is a variety show of Ladyboy go go shows.