Thailand Festivals in October

The festivals in October in Thailand mainly related to religious ceremonies. Because it coincides with the end of Buddhist Lent. At the same time, the festival is held largely in many provinces of Thailand. The festival in October is as follows.

Phu Kradueng tourist season

festival in october

From the beauty and magic of Phu Kradueng, Loei Province. Able to attract the attention of both Thai and foreign tourists to travel a lot of Phu Kradueng.
Which every year in Phu Kradueng National Park Will open tourism and stay atop Phu Kradung for 8 months. Starting from October To May. Which this year is ready to have an opening season for the tourism season in 2020 on 1 Oct 62

The tradition of the flowing fireboat

festival in october

The traditional at Nakorn Phanom which believe that offering to worship with lantern lanterns Will make a clairvoyant Enlightened and wisdom.
In addition, believe that it was the worship of the Buddha’s footprints, which the Lord Buddha had left his footprints on the banks of the river.
And considered to exorcise In order to float bad things, float with the river.

The fireboat consists of 2 parts, which are the buoys for floating on water Will use wood that floats in water Bound together in a raft and the shape of the fire Is the part on the buoy, using long, strong bamboo sticks to lift up the 3 ends of the pole to support the weight.

This year, held on 6-14 October 2019 at Nakorn Phanom

Beeswax Castle parade festival

festival in october

Sakon Nakhon people celebrate the end of Buddhist Lent which is unique. Which is different from other provinces by creating “Beeswax Castle” is a Buddhist offering.
Villagers from every village will have a castle made of wax as the main component. After that, there will be a beautifully arranged parade. After that, every procession of each village will bring Beeswax Castle to Wat Phra That Choeng Chum Worawihan.

This year, held on 10-13 October 2019 at Sakon Nakhon

Visiting the Naga Fireballs

festival in october

Naga Fireballs is a phenomenon that has fireballs Which is a glowing orb rising from the water into the air from the level of 1-30 meters, rising to about 50–150 meters for about 5–10 seconds. Occurring thousands of fireballs per night.
The Naga fireballs are fire as small as a thumb to the size of a goose egg or an orange. There are pinkish-red and fuchsia colors. Or ruby red, no smoke, no soot, no sound, no smell. At the same time, occurs during the end of Buddhist Lent. Along the length of more than 300 km of the Mekong River in Nong Khai Province. For the duration of the rise of the Naga, fireballs will rise. Between sunset and about 23.00 hrs.

This year, held on 10-16 October 2019 at Nong Khai

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