Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand in addition to preserving the elephants, there are also many activities provided tourists. Such as Elephants Trekking, Riding Elephants Bareback, Bathing the Elephants, etc. The most famous elephant sanctuary, you can find at Ching Mai, Phuket, Surin, etc. and such as follow.

Chiang Mai

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

elephant sanctuary

This is the largest elephant village in northern Thailand. Tourists can experience the elephants ride to visiting the forest and the river. Moreover, there are elephants training, bathing the elephants, and watch elephants draw pictures as well.
Presenting performances that focus on the intelligence of more than 20 elephants. There are 3 performances per day. In addition, the elephants’ ride is a natural sight around the forest.
Moreover, it is truly touching the way of life of the Mahout. There is also accommodation in the elephants camp for tourists as well.

Mae Tang Elephant Park

elephant sanctuary

There are the elephants to show draw and paint, kick the ball and other skills. In addition, there are popular tourist activities, including white-water rafting, ox-carts. Moreover, there are also sitting on elephants for watching nature and bamboo rafting. That provides services to the tourists as well.

Patara Elephant Farm, Hang Dong

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Here is a true breeding ground, learn about the natural way of life of elephants. For the highlights of the activities, you will join and experience with elephants for 1 day and everyone will take care of their own elephants for 1 rope.

After that, start by knowing the name of the elephants and how to communicate. In addition, feeding, bathing the elephants, as well as learning how to raise elephants naturally. And then traveled through the river and down the hill. At the same time, admiring the beautiful nature. Then take the elephants to play the waterfall.

Wang Chang La Paniad, Ayutthaya


Located near Phra Sri Sanphet Temple, Mueang District is a large elephants center with a national reputation. Which many tourists interested in traveling to visit.
You can experience riding elephants, visit temples and historic sites around the old city of Ayutthaya. There is also an elephants show based on Thai history.


Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

elephant sanctuary

This is different from other elephant camps. No elephants ride Or bathe the elephants. At the same time, there is only a closer look at the way of life of elephants. Which is available in many programs such as A morning program with the elephants, An afternoon program with the elephants. In addition to the In The Footsteps of giants one day in the life of an Asia elephants program. There are also Private program and Volunteer program as well.

Pang Chang Kamala Elephant Camp

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Pang Chang Kamala is one of the famous elephants’ camps in Phuket. There are many exciting activities. And experience closely hugs with baby elephants provide to tourists. In addition, Trekking & Shower with Elephants program, Riding Elephants Bareback program. Moreover, there are also The Trekking and Jungle walk program, Take care of a baby elephants program.¬† In addition, Bathing with Elephants in the Sea program as well.

Elephant Sanctuary Ban Ta Klang, Surin

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Here is the biggest elephant sanctuary in the world. Elephant raising of the Ta Klang villagers. Like raising an elephant as a friend. Moreover, sleeping in the same house. Therefore, if tourists go to Ban Ta Klang, you experience the life of the mahout and the original way of life.

Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village, Surin Province is the center of more than 200 members. In addition, performs intelligent talents such as elephants, dancing elephants, drawing elephants, elephants kick the football, etc. Which open every day, 2 rounds a day, 10:30 and 14:30.

Run Tee River Elephant Camp, Kanchanaburi

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At the moment, there are 10 elephants. The mahout is Karen speaking Thai. Which grew up together with elephants since birth.

In addition, The surrounding area of elephant camps and elephants trekking routes here. It ranked the number one in Kanchanaburi. you will take 3 hours amidst the water and forest. Enjoy the adventure on the back of the elephants across the creek. Moreover, invade the forest up to the hill through the Karen village.

There are also interesting activities like bamboo rafting to experience the stunning view of nature around. Available 4 times per day: 07.00, 09.00, 11.00 and 13.00.

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