What to do in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai province is a province located in the top north of Thailand. Located in northern Thailand. Has a border with Myanmar and Laos at North and east.
In addition, has historical significance since the founding of the Lanna Kingdom. At the same time, Chaing Rai is one of the popular attractions in Thailand. Especially in the winter.

Singha Park or Boonrod Farm

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Singha Park or Boonraw Farm Located on Sai Den Ha-Dong Mada Road, Mueang District. About 9 kilometers away from Chiang Rai’s urban area. In an area of ​​about 8,000 rai, covering 4 sub-districts. Including Doi Hang Sub-district, Rop Wiang Sub-district, Pa O Subdistrict, and Mae Kon Sub-district. The average height of the area is 450 meters above sea level. In winter, the weather is quite cool. In addition to a cultivated area for various kinds of crops such as Oolong Tea No. 12, a Taiwanese tea strain, there are also plant rubber trees, strawberries, and cantaloupe as well.

Open Daily: 10.00-16.00

Phra That Doi Tung

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Phra That Doi Tung Located at Km 17.5 on Highway 1149, which contains the Clavicle of the Buddha It was the first time that the Lankan Buddhist religion was enshrined in Lanna Thai.

The Doi Tung Palace

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The Doi Tung Palace is located in Mae Fah Luang district, about 60 kilometers from Chiang Rai city. The architecture is a blend of Lanna and Chalay styles of Switzerland. Moreover, there are wood carvings according to gable. The eaves and window edges are various patterns, with the craftsmanship of the northern people around The Palace. At the same time, the area around The Palace has a variety of colorful flower gardens for a refreshing beauty. Especially in the winter.

Open Daily: 07.00-17.00

Wat Rong Khun

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Wat Rong Khun is located in Pa O Don Chai Sub-district, Mueang District. Designed and constructed by Chalermchai Kositpipat, in 1997, on the same area of ​​the 3 rai temple which later expanded to 12 rai
In addition to the white temple, decorated with glittering silver glass patterns Is a hierarchical level Gable decorated with a serpent There are also murals inside the temple and the painting gallery.

Open Daily: 08.00-17.00

Doi Mae Salong

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Doi Mae Salong is the location of Santikhiri village. Is a community of immigrants from the 93rd Brigade from the Union of Myanmar into the Thai territory. 2 battalion is the 3rd Battalion coming to Fang, Chiang Mai Province and the 5th Battalion are at Ban Mae Salong Nok since 1961
During the months of December to February Here, there will be a queen tiger flower. Which the smallest sakura species White pink will bloom throughout the way up to Doi Mae Salong. Is a rare plant that can be seen in Thailand. Because it grows only in cold climates.

Doi Wawi

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Doi Wawi is a large community of Chinese people. The 93rd Brigade, which migrated to settle for about 50 years ago, occupies tea and fruit planting amidst the peaceful atmosphere and high mountain views as well as the Doi Mae Salong community. Although the village is small the visitors will experience the simplicity of the Chinese community. As if on the southern Yunnan region of China.

Near Doi Wawi, there is a view of the sea of ​​fog on the “Doi Kad Phee” which is a popular tourist attraction of Mae Suai district. When going up to stand at a 1,500-meter high ridge, you will be able to see the thick fog on the top of the valley. Which Doi Kad Phee is about 20 kilometers from Doi Wawi.

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

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Phu Chi Fa Forest Park Is a popular viewpoint of the sea of ​​fog and sunrise of Chiang Rai. Which located 25 kilometers away from Doi Pha, it looks like a mountain peak pointed to the sky. Is about 1,628 meters above sea level, with long cliffs extending to Laos. On the top of Phu Chi Fa is a wide grass field. In the winter, there will be special beautiful scenery.

Most tourists come to stay at Baan Rom Fah Thong. Which about 1.5 kilometers from the viewpoint. After that, in the early morning, travel up to see the sea fog in Phu Chi Fah.

Doi Hua Mae Kham

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Doi Hua Mae Kham is 1,850 meters high from the sea level. It is the location of a large hill tribe village. Consisting of a Lisu tribe A majority, In addition, there are Akha, Hmong, and Muser.

At the time of the Chinese New Year every year, Lisu people will organize the Kinwu tradition. Which is like the New Year’s Day On that day, the Lisu people would dress beautifully. Having to eat, dance, dance 7 days 7 nights. In November In addition to being a beautiful mountain range with Doi Hua Mae Kham “Lotus Tong”, the bright yellow color is everywhere. Here is also a viewpoint for sunrise and mist.

Kok River Cruise

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Kok River is a river that flows from Ban Tha Ton through Chiang Rai city. With a total length of 130 kilometers, tourists can rent a boat from the river pier in the city. (CR Pier) to see the scenery of the Kok River. On both sides of the hill is a beautiful natural forest

Phu Fah Thai

New mist view point Which allows tourists to experience the cold weather, see the sea of ​​fog and watch the natural scenery around 360 degrees. Located at Baan Rom Fah Thai, Thoeng district, adjacent to the Lao PDR border across the house of Chiang Khong Which is the point of seeing the sunrise in the morning with the beautiful sea of ​​fog in the valley With Phu Fah Thai having a height of 1,515 meters above sea level, it makes the weather cool.

The distinctive characteristics of Phu Fah Thai are at the walkway that is quite convenient. Which a 300-meter-long walkway. The tourists will be able to see the 360-degree view of the sea mist while also admiring the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.


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