Is it true? Central World is in the Curse Area

Central World at Ratchaprasong Intersection and The National Museum, Bangkok. They were the Curse area
The person who knows this is only 2 people, the storyteller, and his friend. Which the testament lawyer. The storyteller said:

First, The National Museum

central world

This area is the palace of Rattanakosin, belonging to Somdet Krom, Bavorn Mahasurasinghanart, in His Majesty the King 1, which loves and cherishes the palace.
Also, he does not want anyone to come into possession.
So he cursed that if any person other than the owner. Then he asked the occupant to cause a major disaster.
Although other kings had dared to take possession of that curse. Until the reign of King Rama V changed the palace area into a national museum until today.

central world

Which the mystery has occurred once at the back of this palace While Pridi Banomyong took over as the prime minister’s office Finally, Pridi, who has made great contributions to the nation, has fallen. Moreover, must be exiled out of the country all his life

The mystery happens again. At the time of the coup, Pridi Banomyong, Lieutenant Chachai Choonhavan, commanded the tank to break into the Government House. At the Tha Chang area in front of the palace After that, he had to leave the country to be a charge d’affaires for the extraordinary ambassadors of various countries for many years. After that, he returned to live in Thailand again. But he finally passed away in London, England.

The Second, Central World

central world

Originally this area was an old palace in Department of Khun Petchaboon Inthachai The Prince in the reign of King Rama VI was given the land from King Rama VI and built a palace called Wang Petchabun.

central world

Before this Prince died at the age of only 31 years, wishing to give this palace to his heirs only Because at that time his descendants were still young Fearing that there will be frauds
Therefore he made the same curse as His Majesty the Department of the Royal Household, Bavorn Maha Surasinghanat in the reign of King Rama I
Later in the year 1917, the narrator had the opportunity to witness the opening of the will, raising the treasures of the descendants of the palace. Which this plot of land included in this will.

After opening the will, ordered to take the land to the auction. And the winner of this auction is one of the billionaires in Thailand at that time, Mr. Uthen Techaphaiboon

And in 1989 founded a large shopping center, Central World. But later, the business of the Techaphaiboon family. Srinakorn Bank faced economic problems and was confiscated about $ 300 million, causing the construction to be interrupted.

central world

Later, the Chirathivat family took over the project. Which has a ceremony to solve the mystery by setting up a statue of the Brahmin-Hindu deity As seen today is
Phra Thimurati, Phra Phikanesh, and Phra Indra, but also the occurrence of a fire at this famous mall again and again

Fire incident at Central World

central world

The first mystery of the year 2538 occurred at Central Chidlom. Of the Jirathiwat family for over 20 hours
Later, in 2010, there was a political gathering at Ratchaprasong Intersection.
In 2011, there was a fire on the 11th floor of Zen Department Store.
In 2017, another fire occurred at Central World Department Store on the 6th floor.
And in the year 2019, another fire incident occurred on the 8th floor of the Bangkok Convention Center