7 cool places in Bangkok Old Town, you don’t miss


The Bangkok old town, the place that used to be a community of Chinese merchants and millionaires who settled in Thailand. At the same time, such communities scattered in various areas. In the heart of Bangkok and along the Chao Phraya River But did not appear prominently on the roads, On the other hand, are the place that hidden in the small alleys of the heart of the city and in the past be the forgotten places.

Nowadays, the new generation has developed the old area in the Bangkok old town of ​​a desolate family and has been forgotten to become the new landmark of the city people. Which the townspeople like to go to sit, chill and sip coffee. Also, take pictures with a chic atmosphere in the Bangkok old town then post to social media as well.

Recommended The cool landmarks in Bangkok old town.
Traveling in a circle route of the area on 2 sides of the Chao Phraya River. All-day perfect scenery round trip.


Lhong 1919


Thai-Chinese Art History Pier along the Chao Phraya river. Which is older than 167 years old, a new landmark of urban people
In the past, this area was the only warehouse and cargo port in Bangkok. Created by the Chinese merchant family, the Pisanabut family.
But later, the Port Authority of Thailand became the main port. This area became an abandoned warehouse. And after that, the Wanglee family took over this area to make their own warehouses. Since 1919 Up until now.



The new generation of the Wang-Lee family recognizes the historical value. In addition to being an ancestral heritage, the area is also like the country’s heritage.
Therefore throwing a lot of budget for conservation-restoration
By keeping the condition as beautiful as the original condition, such as the original structure that is the damaged teak wood. Will use the original teak wood from other parts of the building to repair, etc.

Getting to Lhong 1919

1. Free private boat at Siphraya Pier
2. Take the BTS to get to Krung Thon Buri station. Then continues by taxi about 2 km. ( approx. 8 minutes)

Chao Mae Mah Jo Shrine

mah jo

mah jo

In addition, the innermost side of this dry warehouse is the home of the Jo Mae Mah Chao Shrine. Is a statue that Chinese people bring to the boat While traveling across the sea to settle in Thailand Therefore created this court because of the belief that the goddess protected the safe travel
Which stay along with this warehouse partner for 167 years as well

Then Walk to the ferry at Tha Sawasdee – Wat Thong Thammachat. Then walk to the U Phai Rat Bumrung temple takes about 13-minute walk

U Phai Rat Bumrung temple

wat yuan

This temple is a temple of Vietnamese people and monks who migrated into Thailand. The old temple built in the reign of King Rama 3. At the same time, represents the good relations of Thailand and neighboring countries.

After that go to Baan So Heng Tai or Baan Doung Tawan by walk approx. 6-minute walk.

Baan So Heng Tai

bangkok old town

bangkok old town

The first place is an ancient mansion over 230 years old, which is a Chinese architectural mansion located in Soi Wanich. Noi market area. The name of Baan Siew Hengtai Or Baan Duangtawan.

bangkok old town

Present, this mansion has become a new landmark. Which inside is open as a coffee shop Moreover, it is a diving school as well.

Next, go to the Kalawar church just 5-minute walk (400m.)

Holy Rosary Church (Kalawar)


The oldest Catholic temple of the Portuguese group, which stay along with the Rattanakosin period since the reign of King Rama I, a Roman Catholic church. Located at Soi Wanich


Prior to 1864, there was a fire in the house of the monks. Including all temple documents. Later in the year 1890 dismantled the old church And build up this present.

After watching the beauty of the church. Walk to relax by the river in the evening at River City Bangkok, just a 3-minute walk.

River City Bangkok

river city bangkok

At dusk, watch the beautiful scenery and the romantic atmosphere of Bangkok at night on the Sky Bar. Travel from here, take a 16-minute walk or an 8-minute ride.

State Tower

sky bar

le bua

Sky Bar, Lebua at State Tower, A sky bar located on the 63rd-floor. At the same time, overlooking the spectacularly beautiful scenery Chao Phraya River and Bangkok at night.

Sala Daeng BTS Station

sala daeng

Sala Daeng BTS Station located on Silom Road, which is home to many leading companies. In addition, luxury condos flank SkyTrain routes and gourmet restaurants.

In the daytime, Silom Road is chaotic from being the main business district of Bangkok. But at night, this road turns out to be an area of ​​entertainment nightlife. Night light Causing Silom Road to become another area of ​​Bangkok that never sleeps.

In the reign of Rama 4, originally Silom Road named Khwang Road, but after foreigners brought the baler Which Thai people call the Silom machine to install around this area This road called Silom Road from that time. At the same time, this road has been a commercial area since the past. Therefore causing a large number of foreigners to settle here. This road is the center of many national cultures. While India is probably the first country to settle in this area because there are great places on this road.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Sala Daeng

This temple has many Hindu idols, such as Uma Devi, Shiva, Ganesha, etc. Which worshiped by Indians. While Thai and foreigners also worship.
Before entering the temple, it is necessary to remove the shoes before entering inside. And if you want to worship the idol, you can buy the things to worship at the temple. At the same time, the temple will arrange the items to worshiped correctly for tourists to bring to the idol.
While inside the worship tray there is a fruit Bananas or coconuts, garland, fresh milk, incense, candles, and frankincense.

Silom Complex

Sala Daeng

The Shopping Center on Silom Road, on an area of ​​7 rai, a 31-story high building, a modern business office building. And the only one shopping center on Silom road. At the same time, many brands fashion shops, restaurants, and supermarkets as well.

Lumpini Park

Sala Daeng

Lumpini Park, the first public park in Bangkok A large garden on the area of ​​360 rai by King Rama VI. Within the park, there are many activities that can be done, such as aerobic dance, jogging, pedal boat, rowing boat, etc.
At the same time, Thai elderly people come to exercise and Tai Chi dance at this park, both morning and evening.

Soi Patpong

Sala Daeng

Patpong is a nightlife entertainment center with nightclubs, pubs, and bars. In addition, it is popular among both Thai and foreign tourists.
At the same time, many shops to sell clothes, bags, shoes and other goods for tourists as well.

Sala Daeng

In addition, Silom Soi 1 or Soi Convent, tourists can find great restaurants to eat. Which throughout this alley is a European restaurant, Thai food, Japanese food, including seafood Moreover, Silom Soi 5 or Soi Lalai Sub, There are many street foods, Thai desserts, and other fashion products.

The Most Popular Hotels on Silom Road

  • Holiday Inn Silom
  • Furama Silom
  • Novotel Silom
  • Bandara suites Silom


Safari World Bangkok (Clip)


Safari World, the largest open zoo in Bangkok, which has approximately 1,200 rai or 480 acres, while in Thailand there are many open zoos, such as Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi, etc. At the same time, Safari World divides the zoo into 2. The big zones are Safari Park and Marine Park.

safari world

safari world

Safari Park is an area where visitors can experience animals wildlife closely. In addition, tourists can do activities for feeding tigers and lions in the morning at 9.00 am while at the same time watching a variety of wildlife such as zebras, giraffes, deer, ostrich, rhinoceros, etc.
Tourists can drive into the area to experience animal life closely. Or the Safari World bus service to see the zoo is also available.

safari world

safari world

safari world

The distance of 8 km within Safari Park or may take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. At the same time, wild animals will walk across the road from one side through the car to the other side, such as this group of the deer.

safari world

Marine Park consists of a total of 7 performances. Which showing the talents of many animals such as dolphins, orangutans (clip), elephants, sea lions, etc. There are also 2 sea cows in a large clear mirror pond.

safari world

Another interesting activity within Marine Park is the safari cruise. Inside, simulating the Amazon forest atmosphere. Which tourists will experience the nature within this area Including excitement during the cruise as well.

safari world

The end of the area is a balcony to feed the giraffe. At the same time, here is the giraffe farm. Which the most giraffes in the world with over 200 giraffes.

Open Daily 09.00-17.00, Sat-Sun 09.00-18.00

Safari World located at Panya Indra Road, Khlong Sam Wa District, Bangkok

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SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World (Clip)


SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World, the largest aquatic park in Southeast Asia. Located at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Learning resources and tourism that provide tourists to explore and adventure underwater. In addition, the area divided into 12 zones for tourists to explore in SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World.

Explore Underwater World

sea life bangkok ocean world

Start from Rocky Hideout, Find the spider crab and octopus at the first glass tank in front of the entrance. Shark Walk, clear glass walkway which has 4 species of sharks, swimming. Can experience sharks closely. Next, Coral Reef, See the beauty of the fish and the color of the coral in a new glass tank that adds excitement to the children. And learn from the adventure in the underwater atmosphere.

Behind the Scenes

After that go to Behind the Scenes, Behind the actual work of the staff that is the aquatic nursery pond at SeaLife Bangkok Ocean World. Moreover, there is a special activity, Glass bottom boat In the large glass tank that shows the sea animals below. To watch many fishes closely, such as sharks, stingrays, etc.
In addition, the staff also show feeding the fish food from the boat as well.

sea horse

Then visit the Seahorse Kingdom, In addition, experience the rainforest atmosphere at the Tropical Rainforest. move to a new environment From under the sea to the rainforest. Include listening to the cool waterfall While walking across the wooden bridge in the rainforest with lush greenery
At the same time, it’s time to find the frog that camouflaged. And watch the large beautiful freshwater fish that swim in the side glass pond.

sea life bangkok ocean world

Then go to visit the Rock Pool, Experience the sea stars closely, just a few centimeters. In this zone can make visitors feel as really dive to see the sea stars. Rocky Shore in this zone showing Feeding African penguins Which are open for visiting several times a day. At the same time, can visit the beauty of the sea turtles swimming here as well. Explore the ocean through a glass tank that is over 8 meters high at Tropical Ocean Zone. This tank has beautiful tropical animals and coral reefs beneath the sea.

360-degree Tunnel Underwater World

sea life bangkok ocean world

Continue to travel to Ocean Tunnel, A large, 360-degree clear glass tunnel that is beautifully decorated in the atmosphere of Thai literature, Phra Apai Mani. Which simulates a giant lady, called “Phee Seur Samut” in the ocean. Next, Shark Shipwreck, Meet the shark again in this zone. Along with the atmosphere of the shipwreck. While children will learn and get excited with the sharks that swim in this zone

Penguin Ice Adventure

sea life bangkok ocean world

The last point adventure visits the Gentoo Penguins in Penguin Ice Adventure that walking or playing in the water show for those who come to see them.

In addition,  many activities for the tourists such as 4D Cinema, Behind the Scenes, Glass Bottom Boat At the same time, Dive with the sharks and Ocean Walker. For more information… Click! SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

Getting to Siam Paragon by Taxi, Tuk Tuk or BTS SkyTrain at Siam Station


10 places to visit at Siam BTS Station


Siam BTS station with 10 places to visit. Here is the center of Bangkok’s transportation. And there are also many famous and luxurious shopping centers. The location of Novotel Bangkok Siam Square At the same time, Siam Square is also a shopping center for teenage fashion products.


The surrounding area has both famous universities and many schools. Including  Palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, hospitals, 3 old cinema theatres, temples, and hotels. This area is one of the largest trading centers in Bangkok While many tourists prefer shopping at department stores here as well.

The attractions at Siam BTS station

siam square

Starting from Wat Pathumwanaram. The only temple in the heart of Bangkok that has the atmosphere like a shady forest, quiet. Which completely different from the chaotic environment outside this temple. In addition, people are also come in praying and meditation. At the same time, this temple is also a place of meditation practice. In addition, the temple located between 2 large famous shopping mall like Siam Paragon and Central World as well.

siam square

Siam Paragon, a famous luxury department store in the center of Bangkok on an area of ​​over 312 rai (approx. 123.32 acres). At the same time, within the department store, there are more than 300 brand names around the world. Including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Emporio Amani, Fendi, Versace, Hermes. etc. In addition, there are also The blu-O Rhythm & Bowl and 2 large theatres. Moreover, it is also the location of SEALIFE Bangkok Ocean World, Kidzania and Madame Tussauds as well.

siam square

SEALIFE Bangkok Ocean World, divided into 12 zones to explore the underwater world.


siam square

In addition, Siam also has the Siam Center and Siam Discovery shopping center. Which located next to the Siam Paragon. At the same time, on the opposite side, on an area of ​​over 63 rai. SiamSquare which a landmark of fashion and lifestyle of the new generation. Where teenage go-to-meeting and shopping Moreover, there are many tutoring schools, street food. Include ETUDE make-up shops, accessories shops, bags, shoes, clothes, etc.


siam square

siam square

SiamSquare has many things to do such as go to visit the LINE Village Bangkok and Hello Kitty House that is located in SiamSquare One shopping center. Moreover, brand name glasses and sunglasses include watches at lower prices. The tourists can find at Siam Square Soi 1 and Soi 7

Novotel SiamSquare


4-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok and the largest shopping center in Bangkok. In addition, it is convenient to travel by sky train, just 2 minutes walk from the hotel while walking 5 minutes to Siam Paragon and MBK.

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Is it true? Central World is in the Curse Area

central world

Central World at Ratchaprasong Intersection and The National Museum, Bangkok. They were the Curse area
The person who knows this is only 2 people, the storyteller, and his friend. Which the testament lawyer. The storyteller said:

First, The National Museum

central world

This area is the palace of Rattanakosin, belonging to Somdet Krom, Bavorn Mahasurasinghanart, in His Majesty the King 1, which loves and cherishes the palace.
Also, he does not want anyone to come into possession.
So he cursed that if any person other than the owner. Then he asked the occupant to cause a major disaster.
Although other kings had dared to take possession of that curse. Until the reign of King Rama V changed the palace area into a national museum until today.

central world

Which the mystery has occurred once at the back of this palace While Pridi Banomyong took over as the prime minister’s office Finally, Pridi, who has made great contributions to the nation, has fallen. Moreover, must be exiled out of the country all his life

The mystery happens again. At the time of the coup, Pridi Banomyong, Lieutenant Chachai Choonhavan, commanded the tank to break into the Government House. At the Tha Chang area in front of the palace After that, he had to leave the country to be a charge d’affaires for the extraordinary ambassadors of various countries for many years. After that, he returned to live in Thailand again. But he finally passed away in London, England.

The Second, Central World

central world

Originally this area was an old palace in Department of Khun Petchaboon Inthachai The Prince in the reign of King Rama VI was given the land from King Rama VI and built a palace called Wang Petchabun.

central world

Before this Prince died at the age of only 31 years, wishing to give this palace to his heirs only Because at that time his descendants were still young Fearing that there will be frauds
Therefore he made the same curse as His Majesty the Department of the Royal Household, Bavorn Maha Surasinghanat in the reign of King Rama I
Later in the year 1917, the narrator had the opportunity to witness the opening of the will, raising the treasures of the descendants of the palace. Which this plot of land included in this will.

After opening the will, ordered to take the land to the auction. And the winner of this auction is one of the billionaires in Thailand at that time, Mr. Uthen Techaphaiboon

And in 1989 founded a large shopping center, Central World. But later, the business of the Techaphaiboon family. Srinakorn Bank faced economic problems and was confiscated about $ 300 million, causing the construction to be interrupted.

central world

Later, the Chirathivat family took over the project. Which has a ceremony to solve the mystery by setting up a statue of the Brahmin-Hindu deity As seen today is
Phra Thimurati, Phra Phikanesh, and Phra Indra, but also the occurrence of a fire at this famous mall again and again

Fire incident at Central World

central world

The first mystery of the year 2538 occurred at Central Chidlom. Of the Jirathiwat family for over 20 hours
Later, in 2010, there was a political gathering at Ratchaprasong Intersection.
In 2011, there was a fire on the 11th floor of Zen Department Store.
In 2017, another fire occurred at Central World Department Store on the 6th floor.
And in the year 2019, another fire incident occurred on the 8th floor of the Bangkok Convention Center

Khaosan Road


Khaosan Road hotels are on a road in the area of Talat Yot Sub-district, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok. Connecting between Tanao Road And Chakkraphong Road Which is a road in Banglumpoo area and an important trading area in Rattanakosin Island

khao san road

In the past, Khaosan Road just a small road that not crowded. There are not many guest houses. And cheap products only
At present, Khao San Road is a tourist attraction with a lot of tourists Both Thai and foreigners Which comes from many countries around the world. Along the road filled with many different products at a cheap price. In addition, there are many hotels to choose from. Including the guest house Which has multiple price levels. Both cheap and expensive According to the condition and type of room

khao san road

khao san road

Some tourists can also find coffee shops. Or bar To sit and sip beer And look at the surrounding atmosphere happily. Khao San Road also noted Is a source of meeting people to get to know each other as well What makes. Moreover, Khao San Road famous And popular is Activities on Songkran Day

khao san road

As well as here is a colorful nightlife attraction. In addition to having a restaurant and the bar, there is also a night market which sells various products for tourists Such as cotton pants, T-shirt Thai logo screen.
Moreover, the hair knitting shop, paint, and tattoo are also popular for tourists as well.

Where to stay in Khao San

Navalai River Resort

khao san road

On Phra Athit Road, Thai people celebrate their fascinating culture, enjoying the many galleries and bars as favorite meeting points for art lovers. The hotel is located near the charming colonial-style prince palace and many commercial buildings.
Moreover, Boasting a rooftop pool and a riverside restaurant, Navalai offers guests a luxurious and peaceful resort in stylish themed rooms. In addition, relax and unwind, guests can arrange for massage and spa therapies at a nearby massage shop.

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Villa De Khaosan by Chillax

khao san road

Guests at Villa De Khaosan by Chillax can enjoy a continental breakfast. At the accommodation, you’ll find a restaurant serving Thai, Asian and American cuisine. In addition, popular points of interest near the accommodation. Include Khao San Road, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace. The nearest airport is Don Muang Airport, 16 miles far away

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New Siam Riverside

khao san road

New Siam Riverside provides accommodations with an outdoor swimming pool, private parking, a garden, and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service In addition, A tour desk can provide information on the area.
At the same time, guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast is available daily at the accommodation.

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Let’s Zzz Bangkok

khao san road

Let’s Zzz Bangkok located a 12-minute walk from Khao San Road. 1.4 miles from Bangkok National Museum, the property is also 1.6 miles away from Temple of the Emerald Buddha. At the same time, Dusit Palace and Grand Palace are reachable within 1.6 miles and 1.8 miles, respectively.

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Buddy Lodge

khao san road

Buddy Lodge offers modern Thai-style accommodations with numerous facilities, including a fitness center and rooftop pool. Located in the heart of lively Khao San Road, it is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and spas. Free WiFi is available throughout. At the same time, featuring private balconies and dark wood furnishings with the marble bathrooms

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Lamphuhouse Bangkok

khao san road

Lamphuhouse Bangkok Surrounded by lush greenery located on Rambuttri Road. Just a few minutes walk from the famous Khaosan Road. On-site facilities include a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk. Moreover, Rooms are equipped with a fan or air conditioning. They also offer access to a private or shared bathroom.

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Khaosan Art Hotel

khao san road

Ideally set in the Bangkok Old Town district, this hotel provides a shared lounge and a restaurant At the same time, the rooms come with air conditioning, and some accommodations at the hotel have a terrace.
Guests at Khaosan Art Hotel can enjoy a continental breakfast. In addition, Staff at the 24-hour front desk can give tips on the area.

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Mam’s House Khaosan

khao san road

Mam’s House Khaosan is located an 8-minute walk from Khao San Road. Featuring a private bathroom with a shower, rooms at the hostel also offer free WiFi, while selected rooms have a river view.
This 3-star hostel offers an ATM At the same time, free luggage storage space.

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Jim Thompson

jim thompson

Jim Thompson House Museum, Thai house of former American soldier James H. Thompson. In addition, he is an American. Dedicated to restoring the art of Thai silk weaving by hand Until also known as the “Thai Silk King” and became a pioneer in the Thai silk industry. And established a company with the same name as himself To support the silk trade.

In addition, As his contribution to the development of the Thai silk industry, Jim Thompson was granted Insignia of Chang Phueak Which is an insignia That is given to foreigners who create benefits for Thailand

jim thompson

jim thompson

In the Museum, consisting of 6 Thai teak houses, currently under the supervision of the Jim Thompson Foundation


While the Thai house in front of the restaurant is Jim Thompson Restaurant and Wine Bar to accommodate tourists.

jim thompson


Inside the museum, there is a room that is organized in Thai style. Have furniture, Flower garden Including ancient collectibles Which is the personal item that Mr. Jim There are many collections of Southeast Asian objects. Especially Buddha images of various periods, including some that have been illegally acquired.


The Museum located in the Thai house along the Saen Saep canal, which is a weaving community that remains in Bangkok.

At the same time, for those who would like to go to the museum, getting by taxi, Tuk Tuk or BTS SkyTrain which located at National Stadium in Soi Kasemsan Soi 2, opposite the National Stadium. Open Daily at 09.00-17.00 hrs. Admission fee is 200 baht each. (Visitors under 22 years old: 100 baht / Children under 10 years old: free when accompanied by an adult)

For more information, call 0 2216 7368 or http://www.jimthompsonhouse.com

Thailand Weather


Thailand weather and Bangkok weather, Thailand located in a tropical area near the equator. Causing the climate of the country to look like a tropical climate or savanna grassland
In addition, the country has an average temperature between 19-38 degrees Celsius, while the weather is the hottest in mid-April. In some years the temperature is up to 42 degrees Celsius.

Thailand divides the season into 3 seasons: summer, rainy season and winter.


starts from mid-February until mid-May.
The average temperature is 35-39 degrees Celsius or hot weather may reach 42 degrees Celsius. At the same time, in Bangkok average temperature is 37-40 degrees Celsius

thailand weather

Which the tourist season of Thailand Most tourists prefers to travel. Or relax on the beach, sea, and islands in Thailand At the same time, summer is the perfect time for tourists because they can travel to all provinces in Thailand

The Rainy

starts from mid-May until around the end of June. While the average temperature is 24-35 degrees Celsius

thailand weather

At the same time, tourists who prefer outdoor activities such as trekking and white-water rafting. The rainy season is the most suitable time. Because it is the forest in the lush green national park Moreover, the top of the mountain is covered with fog. Is a beautiful and impressive scenery
In addition, rafting is also a popular activity during the rainy season. Because the water will flow strong, which is another challenging activity

thailand weather

On the other hand, for those who want to go to the sea Recommend traveling to the Gulf of Thailand, such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Nangyuan, Surat Thani Province.
In the area mentioned above, there is no rain during the rainy season. At the same time, the area should be avoided during Feb-Dec, which have heavy rain.


Starting from mid-October to mid-February
While in the lower central and eastern regions Cold weather is slower than the north and northeast. The temperature on the ground is 15-25 degrees Celsius. At the same time, Bangkok temperature is 16-27 degrees Celsius.
In addition, the temperature on the top of the mountain is the lowest in 5 years at -4 degrees Celsius.

thailand weather

As well as various mountain tops Both north and northeast Travelers, both Thai and foreigners, travel to such places a lot.
Due to the cooler weather, the area on the mountain top in the north and northeast of the country With dense fog sea in the morning
Many tourists want to experience the beautiful atmosphere at various viewpoints. In the northern provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, etc. Moreover, in the northeast provinces such as Loei, etc.

Airport Link

Passengers can switch to Airport Link at Phaya Thai Station. Which the State Railway of Thailand created a direct connection. From Phaya Thai Station of the Airport Link Project to BTS Phayathai Station. Moreover, To increase convenience For those who will connect to Suvarnabhumi.

airport link

Phaya Thai Station (Suvarnabhumi Rail Link) and the source of the Suvarnabhumi Rail Link system, City Line. Which stops at every station until Suvarnabhumi.
At the same time, Located on the eastern railway line. At the Phaya Thai railway station. Meanwhile, Next to Phayathai BTS Skytrain Station, about 100 meters south of Phaya Thai Intersection.

Getting to Suvarnabhumi Airport

airport link

Take the Skytrain from Phaya Thai Station

First, Take the BTS to Phaya Thai station then Walking to Exit 5. After that, you will find a walkway between Phaya Thai Station of the BTS Skytrain and the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link.

 Take the subway from Phetchaburi Station

This is an underground station At Asoke-Din Daeng Road Bangkok. At the Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection. It is a connecting station to connect to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Which transfers passengers to the airport from the city Or Makkasan Station (Asoke)
With elevated links From the City Line ticket sales floor. Then go to Exit 1 of Phetchaburi Station.

BTS Skytrain Information