7 cool places in Bangkok Old Town, you don’t miss

The Bangkok old town, the place that used to be a community of Chinese merchants and millionaires who settled in Thailand. At the same time, such communities scattered in various areas. In the heart of Bangkok and along the Chao Phraya River But did not appear prominently on the roads, On the other hand, are the place that hidden in the small alleys of the heart of the city and in the past be the forgotten places.

Nowadays, the new generation has developed the old area in the Bangkok old town of ​​a desolate family and has been forgotten to become the new landmark of the city people. Which the townspeople like to go to sit, chill and sip coffee. Also, take pictures with a chic atmosphere in the Bangkok old town then post to social media as well.

Recommended The cool landmarks in Bangkok old town.
Traveling in a circle route of the area on 2 sides of the Chao Phraya River. All-day perfect scenery round trip.


Lhong 1919


Thai-Chinese Art History Pier along the Chao Phraya river. Which is older than 167 years old, a new landmark of urban people
In the past, this area was the only warehouse and cargo port in Bangkok. Created by the Chinese merchant family, the Pisanabut family.
But later, the Port Authority of Thailand became the main port. This area became an abandoned warehouse. And after that, the Wanglee family took over this area to make their own warehouses. Since 1919 Up until now.



The new generation of the Wang-Lee family recognizes the historical value. In addition to being an ancestral heritage, the area is also like the country’s heritage.
Therefore throwing a lot of budget for conservation-restoration
By keeping the condition as beautiful as the original condition, such as the original structure that is the damaged teak wood. Will use the original teak wood from other parts of the building to repair, etc.

Getting to Lhong 1919

1. Free private boat at Siphraya Pier
2. Take the BTS to get to Krung Thon Buri station. Then continues by taxi about 2 km. ( approx. 8 minutes)

Chao Mae Mah Jo Shrine

mah jo

mah jo

In addition, the innermost side of this dry warehouse is the home of the Jo Mae Mah Chao Shrine. Is a statue that Chinese people bring to the boat While traveling across the sea to settle in Thailand Therefore created this court because of the belief that the goddess protected the safe travel
Which stay along with this warehouse partner for 167 years as well

Then Walk to the ferry at Tha Sawasdee – Wat Thong Thammachat. Then walk to the U Phai Rat Bumrung temple takes about 13-minute walk

U Phai Rat Bumrung temple

wat yuan

This temple is a temple of Vietnamese people and monks who migrated into Thailand. The old temple built in the reign of King Rama 3. At the same time, represents the good relations of Thailand and neighboring countries.

After that go to Baan So Heng Tai or Baan Doung Tawan by walk approx. 6-minute walk.

Baan So Heng Tai

bangkok old town

bangkok old town

The first place is an ancient mansion over 230 years old, which is a Chinese architectural mansion located in Soi Wanich. Noi market area. The name of Baan Siew Hengtai Or Baan Duangtawan.

bangkok old town

Present, this mansion has become a new landmark. Which inside is open as a coffee shop Moreover, it is a diving school as well.

Next, go to the Kalawar church just 5-minute walk (400m.)

Holy Rosary Church (Kalawar)


The oldest Catholic temple of the Portuguese group, which stay along with the Rattanakosin period since the reign of King Rama I, a Roman Catholic church. Located at Soi Wanich


Prior to 1864, there was a fire in the house of the monks. Including all temple documents. Later in the year 1890 dismantled the old church And build up this present.

After watching the beauty of the church. Walk to relax by the river in the evening at River City Bangkok, just a 3-minute walk.

River City Bangkok

river city bangkok

At dusk, watch the beautiful scenery and the romantic atmosphere of Bangkok at night on the Sky Bar. Travel from here, take a 16-minute walk or an 8-minute ride.

State Tower

sky bar

le bua

Sky Bar, Lebua at State Tower, A sky bar located on the 63rd-floor. At the same time, overlooking the spectacularly beautiful scenery Chao Phraya River and Bangkok at night.