Ang Thong Islands National Park

Ang Thong National Park Is an archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand. Located in Ang Thong Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani. There are Consisting of more than 42 islands.
In addition, also has famous in the beauty of nature both the viewpoint on the hilltop Emerald sea.

What to do at Ang Thong National Park

Mae Koh Island

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One of the large islands of Ang Thong National Park. There are interesting attractions, including the sea in (Emerald Lagoon). Which the area of ​​41 rai of saltwater lakes in the center of Mae Ko Island.

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Based on geological evidence, it is assumed that “The Emerald Lagoon” originated from underground limestone caves with tunnels connected to the outer sea. Later, when the above cave collapsed, it became a lake. In addition, “Talay Nai” has a diameter of 250 meters in width, 350 meters in length, with an average depth of about 7 meters.

Koh Wua Ta Lab

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The most famous island in Ang Thong National Park. Because on this island is the location of Pha Chan Charat. A viewpoint which knows as 1 in 10 scenic spots from the most beautiful high angle of Thailand. In addition, there is an interesting beach like Ao Kha and Bua Bok Cave.

Koh Samsao

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Koh Samsao is located on the east side of Mae Ko Island. With a clean white sand beach. There is a unique landscape which is characterized by a large natural stone bridge.
In addition, This is another popular kayak point within the Angthong National Park.

Rhino Island

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Limestone Island. Which terrain similar to the “rhino horn” that rises above the water surface. Located on the west coast of Koh Sam Sao.

Koh Hin Dub

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The island that has the longest and most beautiful beaches in Ang Thong National Park. There is scenery, including the landscape that is suitable for relaxing by the beach, swimming or snorkeling.
Tourists who want to travel to Hin Dao Island need to charter a service boat of the national park. From Koh Wua Ta Lab.

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